Defeating the British Empire with a plan for the common aims of mankind – initiating an exchange of ideas

(Full text of a letter to leaders written the first week of December 2012)

As we watch the escalating attempts to destabilize country after country and region after region, we cannot but think how the British Empire’s mandarins must chuckle to themselves as they watch their unwitting subjects tear each other apart.  They pull a string here or there and two tribes, as if in a hypnotic state, begin a crazed attempt to annihilate each other through brutal warfare, the scars of which will never be allowed to heal, to precious are they as pressure points for future conflict as and when it suits the empire’s needs.  The entire Middle East region, with permanent division and conflict ensured by the Sykes Picot Agreement of the fateful year of 1916, provides many examples of this divide and rule ethos of the British but we’ve also had more than a taste of this kind of scenario here in Ireland – the recent revelations about the British hand behind the civil war, only coming to light now 90 years after the event, should focus the attention of all but the dumbest amongst our population.

Beyond the physical conflicts though there lies a complementary and much more pervasive framework of division – the political divisions based on artificial constructs which have unfortunately snared many, many people involved in politics and left them to exhaust their energy and creativity fighting virtual warfare against a perceived enemy over this or that issue while the real enemy, common to both, remains above it all, consolidating their grip on power almost undetected.

Now is the time for the leaders in society, who have a true sense of the horror that is unfolding before them, to put aside these artificial constraints of ideology and party loyalty and to join together to pursue the common aims of mankind and in doing so defeat the common enemy – the oligarchical system known as the British Empire. 1, 2

Therefore we are corresponding with you at this moment of extreme danger which must inspire in us all the capacity to lead the near boiling point resistance to austerity in Ireland, but throughout Europe as well, in a sudden and profound shift away from a course bound for certain destruction.

Does this seem impossible?  Gerry Adams’ statement that “politics is the art of the impossible”, has become one of our favourite saying and it is the impossible that we must bring into being for the survival of our nation, and indeed for mankind as a whole.

A wonderful example of this “impossible” shift occurred just days ago in the U.S., where the budget cutting and austerity agenda is being pushed under the name of the “fiscal cliff”.  Just as it seemed that supporters of both parties were being corralled into jumping off that cliff, two congressional hearings took place which made the point that you can’t cut your way out of a recession.  Several participants gave inspiring examples from the real American system of economy – of building canals, machine tools, transportation hubs in the earliest days of the country, which were then acted upon by FDR to overcome the great depression. A strong supporter of Ireland, Brian Higgins, was one of the Congressmen who took to the floor of the Congress in the first hearing. 3  In another hearing the following day, another friend of Ireland, Senator Schumer, led a group of Congressmen, whose states had been most horribly impacted by Superstorm Sandy, in hearings which called for the unleashing of the Army Corps of Engineers to build the barriers and sea walls that could have saved lives and whole towns and must now be built to save them in the future.

These hearings demonstrated a sudden shift to sanity away from the fiscal cliff and all other budget cutting mania that we are so familiar with in Ireland.  Interestingly, these events took place in about the same period as the Schiller Institute international conference near Frankfurt, Germany, on Nov. 24-25, which met to discuss “A New Paradigm for the Survival of Civilization.”  Some 300 participants from 25 countries in Europe, the Middle East and from the United States came together to seek solutions to the two major crises of today.
The twin crises are the global tensions which threaten to escalate into a new world war, which this time would involve thermonuclear weapons with their deadly potential to virtually eliminate civilization entirely.  This imminent  war danger is directly linked to the escalating collapse of the Western financial system, centered on the Eurozone

The President of the Schiller Institute Helga Zepp-LaRouche, in her keynote address on Sunday morning, 4 stressed the importance of economic development for all of Southwest Asia, over and above any religious or ethnic conflicts.  Only the immediate perspective of a “Marshall Plan” for the entire area stretching from Central Asia to the Arab Gulf, and from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean, would introduce a higher level of reason from which to guarantee survival and a future for all.  What we need, she stressed, is nothing less than a new Peace of Westphalia.  The acute danger of global war can be averted, Zepp-LaRouche proposed, by focusing on the common aims of mankind.  The economic agony can never be solved by budget cuts and austerity, but by an immediate shift into the action expressed by the idea that development is the new name for peace.

We will make available links to the conference. The speakers were diplomats and scientists from the beleaguered nations of the Middle East and Africa, as well as leaders from the countries being destroyed by the same Troika whose rule is destroying Ireland.  Speakers from Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy joined in a dialogue of common aims and solutions.5, 6

There will be a follow up conference in April, when we can hope that we have begun to make the impossible the much needed reality.  To this end we intend to foster an exchange of ideas, through written papers, conference calls and informal discussions both nationally and internationally.  We ask you to join us in that process.

As you know, in an earlier period of history Ireland was known as the land of saints and scholars.  Our favourite anecdote arising from this time was first recorded in the 9th century by the monk known as Notker the Stammerer in his Life of Charlemagne.  It was later recounted by Sinn Fein founding member, historian and author Seumas MacManus, in his grand compendium, Story of the Irish Race and the little book that proceeded it, Ireland’s Case.

‘In Charlemagne’s day there arrived in the royal city two men from Ireland who, going to the market place, took a prominent stand there and to the gaping, wondering crowds announced “knowledge for sale!”   When word of their strange proceedings was carried to the Emperor he ordered the men from Ireland to be fetched to his Palace where he asked them their price for knowledge.  They answered, “A sheltering roof, food and clothing, and eager-minded students.”  This price he readily and quickly ordered to be paid to the Irish knowledge vendors.’

What we are seeking to do now is to share the knowledge of our 800 year resistance to empire through risings and revolutions, both amongst ourselves here in Ireland and with those other leaders who are under the modern day Empire’s yoke, and to quickly join with them in that necessary dialogue on the common aims of mankind.

Our first step in Ireland, to save our citizens lives and future, must be to burn the bondholders, not to merely debate various ways to singe their vulturous tail feathers.  This must be simultaneously implemented with the kind of New Deal projects that can be defined by the great conception that development is the new name for peace. 7

You are the leaders whose marches, lawsuits, conferences and government debates an otherwise hopeless people now look to for hope.  We must join our efforts in pursuit of a new republic, a united Ireland in a post imperial world, and we must join with those who the Empire thinks it has manipulated into defeat, to out-flank them with a plan for the common aims of mankind.

In closing we would like to assure those of you less familiar with us that the worldwide LaRouche Movement did not come down the river in a bubble.  Although some of our members may be relatively new to active politics, they are no less capable for that and our senior members, like you, have been engaged in and often bloodied in political battle stretching back many decades.  We do have a special expertise which is verified by our reputation and our political successes over that period.  That expertise is our unique understanding of the nature of empire, from ancient times right up to the British Empire of today, and most importantly the means to defeat it.  The hidden hand of this British Empire is guiding, not just Ireland and the other beleaguered, debt-burdened nations of Europe, but civilization more generally, to virtual destruction and total enslavement within a very short timeframe.  It is that empire that must be defeated now, before anything else of value can be achieved.

Le meas,

The LaRouche Irish Brigade

  1. As to how this British plan is being implemented, well, we are all sadly familiar with the horror stories that are emerging now on a daily basis as a result of the inhumane policies of this financial empire, but take this one as an especially jarring example of the fascist future that lies in store for us if we do not confront and defeat our common enemy –
  2. If you care to now also read the following statement delivered with rare candour by Tony Blair, you should have some insight into just what exactly the British are driving towards and where the despised troika’s authority to subvert national governments really comes from –
  3. Congressman Brian Higgins joined Reps. John Garamendi (CA-10), Paul Tonko (NY-21) and Marcy Kaptur (OH-9) for an extensive discussion on the Floor of the House of Representatives about the need to strengthen our America’s  infrastructure:
  4. Schiller Institute Conference speakers and subjects:
  5. Keynote address to the Schiller Institute Conference by Helga Zepp-LaRouche: “Only a complete change in paradigm can avoid catastrophe”
  6. Address by Hussein Askary to the Schiller Institute Conference: “A revolutionary development plan for the Near and Middle East”
  7. Ireland – An Economic Revival (Based on Marine Transport, Engineering and Scientific Exploration) by the LaRouche Irish Science Team – Oct 2011
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