LaRouche-Friday Webcast, 11Jan. 2013

In this Friday Webcast , Lyndon LaRouche’s theme is:’We’re going to
establish a credit system of the type that was defined by the
then first Treasury Secretary of the United States.  And that’s
the solution.  And so, the various kinds of evil that we face, or
stupidity that we face — sometimes stupidity is also a pure evil
— is the issue here.  And the question is, do we have the gut
and intelligence to do what we have the power to do, as a people,
under a leadership, perhaps of only 5% of the total population,
but a 5% of the really thinking people in the population, if they
have a good conscience, too, is enough to organize a lot of the
rest of the people, to move in a useful direction.  And I think
that’s where we are now.”

Watch LaRouche’s 11 January, 2013 Webcast here



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