18 January, 2013 LaRouche Friday Project Webcast

In this 18 January webcast, Lyndon LaRouche focuses on the difference between the current hyperinflationary money printing, and real value through the physical principle of  production. He makes clear that the Greenie policy is a self-dooming policy. He says; “We have to think in terms of the physical principles of economy. In these terms. Not in
terms of paper money. No accountant can ever create reality for
you, like bookkeeping. Somebody has to do something. Somebody has
to make a physical improvement of something. And its that
physical improvement, done by high-skilled people, more and more
skilled people, scientifically-trained people, and others, which
increase the productive powers of labor.
The condition of mankind could never be improved, except by
the policy I’ve just stated. That is the history of mankind, in
one way or another. And the going backward, to the green policy,
is actually a route to the extinction of the human species.”

Of great and provocative interest to us at The LaRouche Irish Brigade is the example Mr. LaRouche gave of the difference between the American System of Political Economy of the revolutionary founding fathers in contrast with the British. He said; “Why do we consider something has increased in value? Why was the Massachusetts Bay Colony more progressive in terms of economy than England, which was supposed to be the power {over} the Massachusetts Bay Colony? Well, it’s because they were more intelligent! As a matter of fact, the greatest achievements of
England came as the result of Benjamin Franklin’s visits during
the course of the early 18th century. He taught them how to make
coal, how to make it function, how to deal with iron and other
kinds of things, and the English–suddenly, some of them–learned
how to {produce} things on a modern basis, or for that time a
modern basis. But without Benjamin Franklin, and without the
Winthrops and Mathers before Franklin, none of this would have
happened in that period.
So, we got crushed a little bit, because the British Empire
emerged during that early part of the 18th Century. But then the
British, with a political {physical} power, were able to
subordinate us. But nonetheless, because something {about} us,
whenever we had the chance, we would always beat the British in
terms {rate} of improvement. And that could be the case still today”

Watch the webcast here

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