George Soros Says His Days Working for Nazis were “Exhilarating”

LPAC article published April 7, 2009…

George Soros gave an interview to The Times, published last week, reconfirming everything about his true character as reported by LaRouchePAC.

George Soros

The Times interview begins: “George Soros was 13 when the Nazis invaded his homeland of Hungary. As a Jew, he was forced to adopt a false identity and live separately from his parents in Budapest. Instead of being traumatized by the experience, though, he found the danger exhilarating. ‘It was high adventure,’ he says, ‘like living through Raiders of the Lost Ark.’ ”

Referring to making a killing last year on the crisis he says, “I’m an expert in crises… It precedes me. I inherited it from my father.”

Reflecting on the good old days in Nazi-occupied Budapest, Soros said, “I sucked it in that way. And then when I was not yet 14, the Germans occupied Hungary, and I would have been deported to Auschwitz if my father hadn’t arranged for false papers. So that was a pretty profound crisis. I had to assume a false identity and live a different life.” He was separated from his parents. “We met occasionally in the swimming pool. But imagine you are 14 years old, you like adventure, and you have a father who seems to understand the situation better than others. It’s very exciting.”

Speaking of making money in these days no matter what, he said, “On the one hand there’s tremendous human suffering, which is very distressing. On the other hand, to be able to handle the situation is exhilarating.” Or put another way: “It’s as if you’re a jungle animal, and you see another animal facing you. You have to make a decision: fight or flight? Your hair stands up and you growl and you decide, ‘Am I going to attack because I’m stronger or am I going to run away because otherwise he’s going to eat me?’ You are very tense. And that’s the tension that gives you the backache.”

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