Your Enemy George Soros

A LaRouche PAC dossier on George Soros – drug pusher and hit man for the British oligarchy.

The Golem is born
The pathetic creature known as George Soros made a
willful decision early in life to become the character that
he is now: a Golem. A teenager during the Nazi Occupation
of his homeland, Hungary, Soros began his genocidal
legacy by working for the killing machines that slaughtered
500,000 Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust.
Young Soros was given a job looting the properties of Jews
under the regime of SS Lt. Gen. Kurt Becher, head of the
Waffen SS section known euphemistically as The Economic
Department of the SS Command.

Soros credits his father for his own good fortune in
avoiding the gruesome scenes of the concentration camps.
In a broadcast on WNET/Thirteen TV on April 15, 1993
Soros recalled those experiences that formed his beastly
identity: “When the Germans came in, he [the father—ed]
said, ‘This is a lawless occupation. The normal rules don’t
apply. You have to forget how you behave in a normal society.
This is an abnormal situation.’ And he arranged for
all of us to have false papers, everybody had a different arrangement.
I was adopted by an official of the minister of
agriculture, whose job was to take over Jewish properties,
so I actually went with him and we took possession of
these large estates. That was my identity. So it’s a strange,
very strange life. I was 14 years old at the time.” His Father,
Tivadar Soros, professed further that, “as pseudo-
Christians, we had not quite reached that level of Christianity
where we were willing to return bread for stones.”
The Soros family indeed offered plenty of stones to the
many poor Hungarian Jews who were shipped off to Auschwitz
to meet their death.1
The Soros family was among the “elite” Hungarian Jews, which afforded them the ability to make arrangements
to survive under the Nazi occupation. Prince Alexis
Scherbatoff, former member of the U.S. Army Counterintelligence
Corps before and after WWII, alleged that Soros
obtained his first small fortune by selling his share of the
loot seized with the Nazis. He reported that Soros’ first accomplice
was another Hungarian Jew, who sold rubies
and other Nazi plunder in Belgium after World War II.
Ben Hecht, author of the book Perfidy, documents the
activities of the Nazi Economic Department in Hungary,
and the atrocities committed by the employers of young
Soros. The Department was in charge of pillaging Jewish
properties and “removing the gold fillings from the millions
of teeth of the dead Jews; in cutting off the hair of
millions of Jewesses before killing them, and shipping
bales of hair to Germany’s mattress factories; in converting
the fat of dead Jews into bath soap, and in figuring out
effective methods of torture to induce the Jews awaiting
death to reveal where they had hidden their last possessions.”
George Soros was confronted with such images during
an interview with Steve Kroft on CBS’s 60 Minutes on December
20, 1998:

Read the dossier in full at LPAC

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