Jan. 25th, 2013 Webcast – Obama is Finished!


LYNDON LAROUCHE: Well, there was some very interesting news
that was given to me today, earlier, and that is that I never
have seen in my life such a parade of implicit indictments of a
President of the United States as was reported to me today. I’m
not going to comment on the details of this report, but I simply
say that it comes as a blessed sign from Heaven or something like
that, and it should be greeted as such. It’s obvious, what is
obvious, without going into the details which were better stated
by relevant legal and judicial authorities than by me, but I can
say that what I’ve heard today — and I do understand what I’ve
heard — that this is probably the greatest indictment of an
incumbent President of the United States that I’ve ever heard. If
there’s one that occurred [more] ominous than this one, I don’t
know what it was. And I think I know the history of the United
States pretty well. But that comes not as a finality of anything,
because this situation is subject to all kinds of reversals back
and forth, but the fact that such a counter to the President’s
behavior has been stated publicly by a Federal court, is in
itself a very important development, even without trying to
interpret what has been said. But the implications of it, as any
plain language review of it would say, is this man has been
slapped down back and forward repeatedly through the whole
reading of these charges. And that does mean there is a
qualitative shift in the political situation inside the United
States, which the reading of these charges, conclusions I
presume, have been delivered. I don’t think any President could
withstand what has been read against him with such precision, in
the history of the United States. Some people may have hated
someone more than they hated this fellow, but they certainly have
placed the charges, and I don’t think that without the equivalent
of some kind of coup d’etat in support of the President, that he
can withstand this. If these charges are presented and they’re
concluded and if the consequences follow, this man is probably on
the way out of office…

This webcast is essential viewing, watch it at LPAC

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