Troika’s “creative destruction” in cool academic poise

It seems to us the Euro is implementing the London School of Economics, LSE, Economics Magazine Schumpeter Column recipe, “Creative Destruction”, on a timescale vastly shorter, vastly scaled, than “traditional methods”. It is the most effective tool to push Schumpeter’s economics. This is pure Nietzchean economics, as Sombard developed and Schumpeter acknowledged. In other words we have the LSE pushing fascist economics, intrinsically Nazi, in full public view, when “traditional methods” failed with Hitler’s defeat by FDR.
We have the Troika, flouting the Nürnberg Code, trashing entire nations. We have institutionalized irrationality, where Keynsians love “animal spirits” and Austrian School’ers praise “spontaneous unknowable complexity”, sheer insanity, in cool academic poise.
Reminding these poised “experts” that both Keynes and Hayek both admired Hitler’s Economics Minister Schacht, disturbs them.
But what really brings out the hidden irrationality, really a rage against Creative Reason, is Glass- Steagall, Hamiltonian Credit Systems, Arctic Development, North American Water and Power 21, the Eurasian Landbridge.
In other words Creative Reason in this way, the core of economics, will sooner or later bring the cool irrationalists to drop their logical fig-leaves. Watch out then!
Have fun!

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