John Waters Hits the Nail On The Head Again

In his latest Irish Times article, ‘Austerity’ deflects us from true nature of economic crisis, John Waters hits the nail on the head again, on what he calls the “pseudo substance we call money. “

Waters says ; “The condition endured by the peoples of Cyprus, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy is not the outcome of authentic scarcity, but arises from the imposition of a false lack imposed by the architect and gatekeepers of the money system. There is no famine in Europe, no absence of anything essential for human life or happiness. No essential material or resource has become scarce, apart from the pseudo-substance we call money, a token of exchange which becomes “essential” only by virtue of artificial rules enforced by artificial laws, including laws which enforce the artificial scarcity of this means of exchange.”

You can read John Waters’ article here

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