Greek Givernment Forces Through More Genocidal Troika Demands

Greek Government Passes More Genocidal Cuts

April 29 (EIRNS)–The Greek government has forced through
Parliament all the cuts that the EC-ECB-IMF Troika has demanded,
ensuring even more misery for the population. The so-called
Multi-Bill was passed by 168-123, with the entire opposition
voting against it. Passing the bill should allow another EU8.8
billion of the bailout funds to be released, which, of course,
goes directly to paying off a bond held by the European Central
Bank. Passing the bill was also a condition to release over EU2
billion that was supposed to be released last March. This was
approved at the Eurogroup meeting of Eurozone finance ministers
today. The vote took place behind barricades that had been set up
in front of Parliament.
The measures, include laying off 15,000 public sector
workers by the end of next year and reducing the minimum wage
from EU580 to EU490 a month — this is after months of claiming
that the minimum wage would not be further reduced;
liberalization of professions including agricultural technicians,
street vendors, accountants — tax advisers, certified valuers,
etc. In addition primary and secondary school teachers will be
asked to teach two extra hours per week starting September.
Outside Parliament, the civil servants union ADEDY bitterly
opposed the bill’s provisions and called for a protest in
Syntagma Square. The union said the bill would only worsen the
country’s dire unemployment rate, which currently stands at 27%.
Both ADEDY, and the private sector union GSEE have call for
“mass participation” in a 24-hour general strike and
demonstration on May 1 to mark the International Workers’ Day

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