Enda’s EU Buddies Didn’t Mention That They Are About To Destroy Ireland

RTE this afternoon reports that, in spite of non stop coverage of Apple’s tax scam in Ireland, Enda’s EU buddies were really nice to him and didn’t even mention the issue today.

“Afterwards Taoiseach Enda Kenny said the row over Apple’s tax position with Ireland “wasn’t mentioned to me at all” during the meeting.

Mr Kenny told journalists: “It wasn’t an issue that was raised or discussed at all.” http://www.rte.ie/news/2013/0522/451769-eu-summit-tax/

Why wouldn’t they mention it? Well, after finding that the Troika’s victims have just about been squeezed dry, the EU is looking for new ways to prop up their bankrupt banks. These include Cyprus template bail-ins, hyperinflationary quantitative easing IV, and “rationalization”, that is letting certain shadow banks and certain counties, and even certain  offshore tax havens go belly up. Enda’s buddies just didn’t mention that they were about to destroy him.

Given this turn, which is behind the so called European Banking Union, Tom Pringle’s call today that he will bring up in the Dail the mechanism for a voluntary exit by member states from the EU, and further discussion about how a federalized Europe destroys national sovereignty, is especially important.


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1 Response to Enda’s EU Buddies Didn’t Mention That They Are About To Destroy Ireland

  1. Micky Mac says:

    Very few appear to see what is coming down the road, or else they are in denial.
    Wake up people.

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