Blair in Jerusalem: War on Iran, War on Syria, Save the Banks Above All


 20 June (LPAC) Tony Blair is pushing hard for military action by the United States in Syria and in Iran — wars that are really aimed at Russia and China, and which will be the trigger for nuclear destruction. At the annual Presidential Conference in Jerusalem, Blair was one of the first speakers at the opening keynote session, along with Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Israeli President Shimon Peres, and Bill Clinton, who received the conference’s award from Peres.

Blair’s job was to deliver the Queen’s message of promoting war as a means of genocide, warning that “time is not our friend,” and saying that “the cost of staying out” of wars against Syria and Iran will be higher than going to war. It was the same kind of lying propaganda that he used to start the 2003 Iraq war.

Blair Anglo-U.S. suicide pact: We must go through the window together.


On Iran, Blair echoed the threats that fascist Netanyahu has been voicing since last weekend’s election of Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, a moderate who won with the support of the reform faction in Iran. The Blair/Netanyahu message about Iran is: don’t be fooled by the new government: Iran must be stopped.

Blair didn’t limit his remarks on Iran to the nuclear issue, but included terrorism as another reason to hit Iran. “Iran’s nuclear weapons ambitions and export of terrorism round the region are a threat. We must be determined to confront and overcome that threat,” Blair said. “Those who truly hold the power in Iran must know of our determination and feel its vigor ….. Of course, any choice involving military action is fraught. No one wants it. But a nuclear armed Iran is the worst choice and we shouldn’t make it.”

Blair attacked those in the West who are trying to avoid war, reported the New Scotsman on June 19th. “Undoubtedly the predominant emotion in the West today is to stay out of Syria; indeed to stay out of the region’s politics,” he said. “But as every day that passes shows, the cost of staying out may be paid in a higher price later.”

“But we should understand: the window of opportunity will be open for only a short period of time. We must go through it together. If not, the window will close and could close forever. Time is not our friend. This is urgent. This is now.”

Blair also made the defense of the banks part of his casus belli. He compared the reluctance to start wars with Syria and Iran to “so much of the sentiment in the West [that] is particularly anti-banks,” and insisted that “the best long-term policy is to have the financial sector back on its feet and thriving.”

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