President of German Farmers Association Attacks Brussels Eurocrats and Green NGOs


26 June (EIRNS) In his keynote to the national convention of the German farmers here in Berlin today, farmers association president Johannes Rukwiek lashed out against the green NGOs for their constant campaign against modern agriculture. He said he is sick and tired of these allegations that modern farming equals animal torture, that farmers were poisoning the soil, that there were allegedly too many machines, that modern farming was against nature and not “sustainable.” Rukwiek said that farmers must speak out against these and other such arguments, otherwise farming would no longer be possible in Germany. The latest atrocity of the NGOs — blaming the recent floods on the use of heavy agricultural equipment by farmers — was the “highest potential nonsense,” Rukwiek said.

Rukwiek explained that if the economic basis of a society is not functioning, neither ecology nor social welfare is possible, and if that is not possible, no society can exist. The ideological dreamland of certain people, including many politicians, is something far from reality, he said, but the economic basis is crucial, otherwise people don’t have anything to eat.

His speech also featured attacks on the Brussels Eurocrats as a species no less dangerous to farmers, particularly to cattle raisers, who comprise 60% of the German farm sector. Many of Brussels’ ideas about cattle are totally out of this world, he charged. Rukwiek apologized for being “quite emotional today,” but, he said, things have gone so far that one simply has to speak out.

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