Greetings To The New Paradigm Conference: The Bugle has Sounded and Ireland and America are Ready for the Glass-Steagall Fight!

On behalf of the LaRouche Irish Brigade I would like to send our warmest greetings and support to this weekend’s very important and much anticipated New Paradigm conference in San Fransisco.

The Irish who survived the great famine and the coffin ships and made it to the New World, had their lives intertwined with the great President Lincoln’s mandate to build the transcontinental railroad. The hard and dangerous work undertaken by Irish labourers in building the railway in California, together with their Chinese colleagues, helped make America a great nation from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans.

The contribution made by our diaspora to this buttressing of American freedom is a great source of pride for the Irish nation. Although not widely enough appreciated or celebrated, it remains a bright spot in the collective, historical memory, and reminds us of the potential inherent within us to transform and enhance our nation through physical, economic development.

That right – to build for the future – has been denied to Ireland, and continues to be denied right up to the present day. For example, only about 1,000 miles of rail exists in the whole of the country, and needless to say, none of that is high speed mag-lev.  However, when we finally break the chains of empire, which we expect to be soon, we can look back for inspiration to the achievements made in California more than a century ago, as we fling open the gates of our virtual British concentration camp and burst through them into a glorious new renaissance period of building and production and all facets of creativity.

Now, unlike California we don’t typically have earthquakes in Ireland, well, until this week that is.  What I’m referring to is the very timely release of taped conversations amongst high level banksters in Ireland in which they plotted and schemed to defraud the Irish nation by bullying the Government of the day into the notorious bank guarantee scheme that has, in the 5 years since, bankrupted the country entirely, taking many lives and driving much of the population into penury or forced emigration.  All to what end?  To keep the corpse of the British empire’s monetarist system above ground for a little while longer so that it can continue to poison all around as it has done throughout its existence.

In reaction to these revelations, the anger in Ireland is palpable and the calls for a full inquiry are deafening.  We in the LaRouche Irish Brigade will do our up-most to ensure that any such inquiry has full Pecora Commission like powers and authority and that once the culpable have been prosecuted, Glass-Steagall and the other necessary elements of a LaRouchian recovery will follow swiftly.

You may have heard a little of those shenanigans in Ireland and of their recent exposure, and you will of course also have heard Mr LaRouche’s emphatic call to bankrupt the British empire by calling in their debts.  As we know from history, America and Ireland fight the same fight against the same cursed enemy.  Now once again we press forward together – the bugle has sounded and Ireland and America are ready for the Glass-Steagall fight!

Warmest regards,
Gene Douglas (for the LaRouche Irish Brigade)

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