Snowden, On His Patriotism

9 July (LPAC) The second half of the Glenn Greenwald interview with Edward Snowden on June 6 in Hong Kong, before he identified himself, was released today in the Guardian. Snowden accurately hits at U.S. leadership failure and the move to dictatorship. He reports that he joined the Army after the Iraq invasion because of his belief in “the goodness of what we were doing. I believed in the nobility of our intentions to free oppressed people overseas.”

But, he said, he learned that “We were actually involved in misleading the public and misleading all the publics, not just the American public, in order to create a certain mindset in the global consciousness, and I was actually a victim of that….

“America is a fundamentally good country. We have good people with good values who want to do the right thing. But the structures of power that exist are working to their own ends to extend their capability at the expense of the freedom of all publics.”

He hoped the excesses would be reined in, but “as I’ve watched I’ve seen that’s not occurring, and in fact we’re compounding the excesses of prior governments and making it worse and more invasive. And no one is really standing to stop it…. The NSA lied about the existence of this tool to Congress and to specific congressmen in response to previous inquiries about their surveillance activities.”

Lyndon LaRouche noted in the July 5 webcast that Snowden represents a large class of young Americans, “who are not really stupid — some of them have become quite skilled at certain things, and they became part of the intelligence services of the United States, and they worked cheaply…, they have high skills and they have been used!… And so now they turn around and they say, ‘Hey! People of the United States, we’re seeing day by day, what the government is doing to the people of the United States. We are creating a system, which we are guilty of collaborating in, swindling the majority of the people of the United States!’ And on this basis, this one, Snowden, among others of this type, have, in unknown quantities of their large population, relatively speaking, have been mustering this skill and saying, ‘We know that our government and our people are being cheated by evil thieves! Of which Obama is the leading case!’ So leading case Obama, we’re going to bring him down, we’re going to bring him down to his knees! Because we’re saying, this has to stop! This lying and cheating has to stop!”

Meanwhile, the Sam Adams Associates for Integrity and Intelligence, an organization of former national security officials, awarded Snowden their annual award, upholding the solemn oath they all had taken to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Ray McGovern, himself a former intelligence official, writes: “When secrecy is misused to hide unconstitutional activities, fealty to that oath and higher duty as citizens of conscience dictate support for truth-tellers who summon the courage to blow the whistle. Edward Snowden’s disclosures fit the classic definition of whistle-blowing.


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