Detroit – Test Case for Genocide

NEW VIDEO: Detroit—Test Case For Genocide

LaRouchePAC TV has released a new video, titled “Detroit: Test Case For Genocide”, in the wake of the announcement last Thursday by Detroit’s emergency manager Kevyn Orr, that he is filing for Chapter 9 bankruptcy for the city of Detroit.

One year after Bill Roberts on July 24, 2012, then a candidate for US Congress (and now a member of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee), warned the Detroit City Council in now historic testimony—that either Glass-Steagall be restored, or death rates in the city would begin to soar to genocidal proportions—Detroit has become the largest municipality in American history to file for bankruptcy. Under an emergency financial dictator, pensioners and city workers are being forced to take pennies on the dollar on the debts owed to them, while Wall Street banks get close to face-value on their obligations. This is a precursor to what Lyndon LaRouche warned, in his live webcast of July 19, 2013, was in store for the United States as a whole plus Western and Central Europe, were Glass-Steagall to be defeated. The conditions now being experienced by the people of Detroit, as described vividly by Lamar Lemmons III in this film, herald the future for the rest of the American people — unless Glass-Steagall is immediately restored and the true enemies of the United States recognized, and defeated.


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