Final Week for Congress to Act: We Can Win Glass-Steagall


“The only thing we can do, is we can take a new initiative — Do what Franklin Roosevelt did. The first thing you’ve got to do, is save the morale and inspiration of the U.S. population.  And that’s what we’ve got to focus on.  Focus on the recovery.  If you’re going to focus on the difficult things, you get nowhere.  Focus on one thing, as Kennedy did:  Focus on the recovery. Identify the bad things and say quickly, ‘We’re going to cut that out.’ You’ve got to focus on launching the recovery, from the first moment that you get power.”

Lyndon LaRouche · LPAC Webcast, July 26, 2013

July 29th begins the last scheduled week for Congressional action before their intended August recess. The LaRouchePAC Policy Committee, and other activists, will be in action on Capitol Hill to obtain victory this week for the nation, starting with the passage of Glass-Steagall.

Every city in America is Detroit this week, and this is why anyone who wishes to survive knows that Glass-Steagall must be reinstated immediately. Detroit is not being declared bankrupt because of petty corruption by a local mayor. Detroit was the test case for the Dodd-Frank bail in, the European Cyprus model come to America.

Americans will not tolerate these policies. That is why nearly half of the fifty states have introduced resolutions into their state legislatures in support of H.R. 129, the “Return to Prudent Banking Act” which would reinstate Glass-Steagall.  This bill has over 71 co-sponsors in the House, and there are now 2 Glass-Steagall bills in the US Senate (S. 985 and S. 1282) with seven Senators from across the political spectrum on board.

Call your Congressional offices to set up a meeting this week for a LaRouchePAC representative on LaRouchePAC’s full recovery program.

Tell them they cannot recess until they have completed their job, which has been and remains:

1) To protect the U.S. economy from thieves and speculators, and conduct an orderly bankruptcy re-organization of a growing speculative and destructive derivatives bubble, by passage of the Glass-Steagall Act: H.R. 129, S. 985, and S. 1282.

2) To initiate a national plan to increase productivity through a continental system of water and power infrastructure: the North American Water & Power Alliance (NAWAPA), requiring hundreds of new industries to manufacture the parts for this infrastructure, new machine-tools and skilled machine-tool operators, and the development of the necessary raw material; as well as new agricultural programs, both for the immediate and long term, including nuclear desalination;

3) To make this program possible by restoring the system of public credit: enacting a new system of taxes, and duties, and launching a newly established credit system, as in a Hamiltonian Bank of the United States, and;

4) To enact concurrently, the needed short term emergency measures of job creation, housing, and food security for the growing numbers of unemployed and economically devastated, resulting from the continued crimes of the Bush-Obama Administrations and the failure of Congress to crush Wall Street, and London’s control of the U.S. financial system.

This fight can be won! The momentum towards victory is building. That is why JPMorgan, Bank of America, and others, have appeared in statehouses to attempt to intimidate lawmakers from even thinking about supporting Glass-Steagall. That is why they are prepared to spend millions to bribe your Congressman to block Glass-Steagall. These Wall Street lobbyists are on Capitol Hill going from office to office to attempt to stop the generally cowardly Congress from acting in time to save the nation. Only by mobilizing the sufficient counter-pressure from the American people can we move this Congress to act with the necessary courage to save the United States.

After you’ve called your Congressman, call next your State Elected Officials, and ask them to do the same. Send them a link to this page, as well as Representative Marcy Kaptur’s speech on July 23rd urging the passage of her bill H.R. 129, to re-instate the Glass-Steagall Act.

As LaRouche stated:“You’ve got to mobilize the people  on the streets, to get into some kind of work, immediately, to protect them in their rights, their rights to security.  Do that, immediately!  Because your real weapon lies in the will of the American people:  if they, suddenly, after going through all this Hell, for all these decades of treason against the United States, if they suddenly see that things are really changing, really going to change, they will mobilize, and we can save our nation.”


  1. CALL your Representative and Senators in Congress: 202-224-3121, and demand they support the restoration of Glass-Steagall (HR 129, S.985, S.1282), and meet with the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee in D. C.
  2. WRITE your members of Congress with the same message. Send a copy of the letter to — we will guarantee direct delivery of the letter to Congress, often to the Member of Congress personally. If you EMAIL your letter, send it directly to the Legislative Director or Chief of Staff. Call the Congressional office to get the email addresses for these people, or contact us and we will find it for you. Make sure to include your name, your address with zip code, and phone number, so that the Congressman can get back to you. Letters should include the reasons why you believe the restoration of Glass-Steagall is urgent, and should ask explicitly: “Will you co-sponsor the legislation to restore Glass-Steagall, yes or no?” In the House of Representatives, the bill is HR 129. In the Senate, there are two Glass-Steagall bills: S.985 and S.1282.
  3. SEND a letter-to-the-editor of your local newspaper with the same message, announcing that citizen delegations are converging on Washington D. C. this week to deliver an outpouring of demands for immediate Congressional action.
  4. DRAFT a simple petition with the demands noted in item #1 above. Circulate it among friends and associates, at local events, or take it to the streets. Contact our National Office (1-800-929-7566) to arrange for us to deliver the petitions directly to Congress. This strategy has worked to great effect in various areas of the country already.
  5. CALL-IN to local and national radio shows and other talk media with news of the fight to restore Glass-Steagall.
  6. DOWNLOAD & PRINT the latest leaflet from the website, which is available under the tab titled “ORGANIZE”. Look for local meetings and activities for opportunities to distribute them and make contacts.
  7. MEET with your mayor, city council, county commissioners, other state and local officials, to urge them to join the mobilization and send letters of their own, to both their state legislators (Glass-Steagall resolutions have been introduced in twenty-five states so far) and to their members of Congress. Do the same for farm and labor groups, community bankers, clergy, political groups of all kinds, and all other community groups in your area.
  8. CALL into our national headquarters to report your activity and get updates on the progress of the nation-wide mobilization: 1-800-929-7566. Encourage others to call into our headquarters and join the mobilization as well
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