Mahathir Defends National Sovereignty Against the TransPacific Partnership

August 3 (LPAC)–Ex-Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad,
noted foe of George Soros, Al Gore, et al, blasted the concept of
“free trade” and the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) in
today’s {New Straits Times} on the basis of protecting national
sovereignty. While not directly referring to the concept of
“sovereignty,” Mahathir exposed the intent of the TPP–and by
extension the TAFTA (proposed Trans-Atlantic Free Trade
Agreement)–to enslave nations under supra-national entities.
Mahathir became internationally famous during the 1997 Asian
Financial Crisis, by acting to protect the Malaysian population
and business rather than bowing to the dictates of the IMF and
his own turn-coat Finance Minister, Anwar Ibrahim.
Mahatir points out that, “…the laws and terms of the
proposed [“free” trade] agreements very often override national
“The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is certainly one
such agreement. Far from freeing trade, the TPPA proposes to
regulate trade through restrictive agreements. There is also an
element of threat, in that if the TPPA is not accepted than the
recalcitrant nations will face restrictions against their
freedoms to trade with members of the TPPA that they have enjoyed
Mahathir brings out many of the blatant anti-nation features
of the TPP, which the U.S./London geo-political axis is pushing
hard. For example, the TPPA agreement supercedes national laws,
and domestic businesses. “If the participating nations practice
policies intended to protect its economy or have laws to govern
its well-being and should these be in the way of businesses owned
and operated by companies of the other members of the TPPA, then
the agreement will supersede national laws and policies. . .’
He stresses that, “Treaties are binding and the TPPA is more
binding than other agreements because disputes can only be
decided by the International Centre for Settlement of Investment
Disputes, an international court clearly tasked with upholding
the TPPA.
“Malaysia must think carefully about joining the TPPA or
accepting the terms spelt out in small print in the 29 chapters
of the paper.

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