Kenric Ward Nails Wall Street journalist Kenric Ward has posted another in his continuing series of articles on the LaRouche-led fight for the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall, this time quoting extensively from the LaRouchePAC release “Wall Street Mafia In Desperate Drive To Stop Glass-Steagall.” The first half of the article nails President Obama’s protection of the big Wall Street banks through Attorney General Eric Holder’s conclusion that they’re just too big to prosecute. He notes the new investigations JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America by the Department of Justice and the Securities and Exchange Commission, but adds: “Whether any of this will lead to jail time — or just the usual slaps on the wrist — is yet to be determined.”

Ward then devotes the remainder of his article to the huge fight that has broken out over Glass-Steagall, to include the four points in the LaRouchePAC release describing the thuggery of the Wall Street banks in state legislatures, in the Congress, and on the streets targeting LaRouchePAC organizers. “The battle moves to Atlanta on Monday,” Ward concludes, “when the National Conference of State Legislatures convenes its annual meeting on Monday. Adoption of Glass-Steagall is on the agenda.”

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