Spanish – British Dispute Over Gibraltar: Question and Answer

LaRouche Irish Brigade editor Gene Douglas  asks the Military Affairs Correspondent for Executive Intelligence Review, Carl Osgood, what is really going on in Gibraltar.

Gene Douglas’ question :


There’s been a lot of coverage about Spain standing up to the British in the dispute over Gibraltar. Since this is a dispute going back to the 1700’s why is it breaking out now?

It reminds me of the beginnings of what became the Malvinas War, or the three Icelandic Cod Wars from the 1950s through the 1970s. This seems to be  about Spain demanding that their fishermen have the right to trawl in the waters off of Gibraltar, and the Gibraltar subject population erecting concrete barrier artificial reefs, supposedly as a greenie measure.Are the Spanish, who have been under the thumb of the British Empire’s Troika standing up to Cameron because their fishing rights are crucial to their own survival?

When we read about the British  warships and Cameron insisting that they must defend the sovereignty of the people of Gibraltar’s desire to remain British subjects. we in Ireland, shake our heads with wonder that anyone could believe that line.. We heard that in the Malvinas and we cheered on the Argentine army and navy. We’ve heard it in the North of Ireland where just Friday night 1000 Orange Order King Billy loyalists  injured more than 50 police in mad sectarian rioting.

Can you tell us what is really going on?

Carl Osgood’s answer:


The British should return Gibraltar to Spain as a matter of principle. However, the only principle that the British believe in is the Imperial Principle, and they hold on to scattered outposts such as Gibraltar solely for reasons of Empire. They use these outposts as levers for executing Imperial policy, one of the objectives of which is to reduce, and eventually eliminate, the power of nation-states to decide their own fate, and to subject them to the control of the Imperial monetarist system. Under the British Imperial system, the Queen, through her royal prerogatives, is to have the final say over all the nations of the planet.

Gibraltar serves two purposes for the Empire: one is as a mechanism for control of the Mediterranean, and the other is an issue that can be used to manipulate the internal politics of Spain. In 1982, for example, the British used the issue of Gibraltar, along with Basque ETA terrorism, to provoke right wing riots in Spain just as a new Socialist government was taking power. What the British are trying to provoke, this time, is not clear to me at this moment, but, as you point out, Spain is under the thumb of the Troika, which is another tool of the Empire, and Spain is in a political crisis, because of the Troika’s policies. The Rajoy government may see some political advantage in raising the Gibraltar issue, but it’s clearly not for reasons of sovereignty that they’re doing so. If they were, in fact, fighting for Spain’s sovereignty, they would be fighting for Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s Marshall Plan for Southern Europe, which envisions, as part of the revival of Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region as a whole, using the Strait of Gibraltar as the crossing point for a high-speed rail system into North Africa. Such a policy also implies the implementation a global Glass-Steagall, thus bringing to an end the British Imperial monetarist system. This, the British would go to war to stop.

Carl Osgood

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