by Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche, Jr.


Some Urgently Needed Tough Talk:

The evident outcome of civilization since the succession of the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert, had sent the United States itself careening into successive, apparently relentless waves of an accelerating decline, down, down, and down: to the verge, presently, of our civilization’s presently threatened early, self-inflicted extinction.

I explain that matter of fact, as follows.

Although there had been subsequent relative ups and downs in the net fluctuations, both earlier and later, since the successive assassinations of the two Kennedy brothers, the U.S.A.’s currently long-wave trend has been, in effect, in a downward direction as since the fraudulent suppression of the true, but forcibly suppressed evidence, respecting, once again, the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and of his brother, Robert.

The result has been actually a net, relentlessly downwards trend in the continued development of our republic and of its society since that time; the data since that time, shows this downward trend. This has been a process, which has now reached a present time when all related, wrong-headed circumstances are now soon due to be taken brutally into account.1

In these presently ever-more-awesome and worrying times, the world has entered the wildest, globally-extended hyperinflation in contemporary history. It could also be described as that which has already been spilled into the verge of the worst, and clearly intentional, trans-Atlantic hyperinflation in the recent history of this planet.

It is now a hyperinflation which had been explicitly intended through frankly admitted joint actions by the jointly evil forces of the British empire and Wall Street. This has been, and now remains as a stated intent of those same brutally evil forces, an intent to reduce the present human population of the planet, rapidly, from an heretofore reached level of seven billions human beings, to what is now the declared goal, as stipulated by the British monarchy and its Queen, of less than one billion survivors. It is a British imperial goal intended to be accomplished by measures to be in effect during a span of sheer terror against mankind generally, a terror to be launched approximately, earlier than the close of this present year.

Thus, meanwhile, since this moment, even the populations of very large national economies generally, such as those of China and perhaps India, have not been enabled, yet, to foresee clearly the sheer ferocity of the actually intended extremes of a persistent, currently downward trend in world economy.

Thus, what I must report here and now, is an ugly, global reality, which is a renewal of the evil actions launched, in chief, by the actually same authors as those of the Anglo-Saudi, mass-murderous attack on the United States September 11, 2001. Now, China is likely to become seriously concerned with the presently threatened renewal of these originally “9-11” threats. That is the original “9-11” attack which had been organized, almost entirely, by the relevant, allied Anglo-Dutch-Saudi forces, an attack then, which had set off the now accelerating global trend in sheer “Bush-league” financial swindles, swindles which are to be measured now in a count of the varieties of not merely millions of deaths, but the swindling of actually billions of innocent victims, at the least.

Thus, to summarize the point of fact immediately here, the continuation of that original September 11, 2001 (“9-11”) attack on the U.S.A., by the same leading, Anglo-Saudi institutions, has had a continually increasing impact among the targeted populations of a now rapidly growing rate of looting of nations. In the meantime, there has been a persistently accelerated rate of a currently downward trend present in most conditions of human life within the planet at large, a “super-crime” which is now the currently, openly declared intention of the British monarchy. This is a threat which is now intended, explicitly, as stated by the present Queen of England herself, to become the source of a currently measurable collapse in the population, that from a former level of about seven billions for the world population, to the stated, intended, early, present British goal of approximately one billion persons globally.

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