NSA Paid Millions to Tech Companies To Cover PRISM Compliance Costs

NSA Paid Millions to Tech Companies To Cover PRISM Compliance Costs, Guardian in Deal With NYT to protect Snowden Documents

25 Aug. (LPAC) According to documents provided by Edward Snowden, the Guardian reported on Aug. 22 that the NSA paid technology companies including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook millions of dollars to cover the costs involved in in making the PRISM surveillance program compliant with an October 2011 FISA court ruling that the agency’s activities were unconstitutional.

The document reports: “Last year’s problems resulted in multiple extensions to the certifications’ expiration dates which cost millions of dollars for Prism providers to implement each successive extension—costs covered by Special Source Operations.”

Another document reported: “All Prism providers, except Yahoo and Google, were successfully transitioned to the new certifications. We expect Yahoo and Google to complete transitioning by Friday 6 October.”

The Guardian said Thursday that it has agreed to give the New York Times access to some classified documents leaked by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden. In a brief story posted on its website, the Guardian said it “struck a partnership” with the New York Times. “In a climate of intense pressure from the U.K. government, the Guardian decided to bring in a U.S. partner to work on the GCHQ documents provided by Edward Snowden. We are working in partnership with the NYT and others to continue reporting these stories,” the Guardian said in a statement.

A source familiar with the matter said the partnership deal had been struck several weeks ago and that Jill Abramson, the Times’ executive editor, was personally involved in negotiating it, Reuters reports. The website Buzzfeed reported that Scott Shane, a Times reporter who covers national security and intelligence, was working on a series of stories expected to be published next month jointly with the Guardian.

The Guardian’s editor, Alan Rusbridger, revealed earlier this week that under the supervision of representatives of GCHQ, Guardian staffers had destroyed computer equipment containing Snowden files after the newspaper was threatened with possible legal action by senior British government officials. Rusbridger said he had put British officials on notice that copies of material which had been destroyed had been sent outside British government jurisdiction

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