Ban Ki-Moon Wants Speedy Investigation of Alleged Use of Deadly Gas in Syria

26 Aug. (EIRNS)–Speaking from Seoul where he is on an
official visit, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon told reporters
on Aug. 26 that there was no time to waste in investigating the
alleged chemical attack. “The world is watching Syria, the
secretary general said, stressing once again that the U.N.
experts must be allowed to conduct a full, thorough, and
unimpeded investigation. We cannot allow impunity in what appears
to be a grave crime against humanity.”
The secretary-general’s demand for a full investigation
spurns British Foreign Secretary William Hague’s call the same
day for “no investigation” and an unnamed senior U.S. official’s
call to abort the Syria inspection mission, reported by the Wall
Street Journal (Aug. 26).
Ban pointed out that the UN inspection team will be spending
up to 14 days, with a possible extension, probing the alleged use
of chemical weapons by the Government at Khan al-Asal, as well as
two other allegations reported by Member States. The team is
working in cooperation with the Organization for the Prohibition
of Chemical Weapon (OPCW) and the UN World Health Organization
(WHO). He added that this team has his total confidence in their
“expertise, professionalism and integrity.”

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1 Response to Ban Ki-Moon Wants Speedy Investigation of Alleged Use of Deadly Gas in Syria

  1. Riley Frost says:

    Interesting post. I posted something on this topic a while ago.

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