Congress: Stop Thermonuclear War — Throw Obama Out, Pass Glass-Steagall!

Urgent release from Michael Steger, on behalf of the LaRouchePAC Policy Committee.

There will be no announcement for thermonuclear war. It will have started and finished in the same time that many Americans spend in their evening commute. After an hour and a half of missile exchanges between every nuclear power in an armageddon unleashed by the insane President of the United States, the nuclear winter will then set in and destroy any chance for humanity surviving. We are now at the brink of such annihilation unless Obama’s drive for illegal war in Syria is ended and Obama is immediately impeached.
Therefore, Congress must immediately return to Washington D.C. and begin the impeachment of Barack Obama, or we will face hell on earth. Members of Congress have no excuse. The LaRouchePAC Policy Committee and associates told Congress in July of this year, that if they left we would face the “Guns of August” — where the actions of mad leaders have lead to the outbreak of world wars and economic destruction.
Not only were they warned before their Congressional recess, they were warned by Lyndon LaRouche when he stated in October of 2011 that the extrajudicial killing of Qadaffi indicated that Obama and his British masters were intending to invade Syria and Iran under the guise of “right to protect” — setting the stage for thermonuclear war with Russia and China.
Since then, leaders both in Russia and the United States have intervened to stop this mad march to war. Former Russian President Dimitri Medvedev, with reference to Obama’s illegal actions in Libya and threats to Syria, stated at the International Legal Forum held in St. Petersburg on May 17, 2012, “Such actions, which undermine state sovereignty, can easily lead to full-scale regional wars, even — I am not trying to scare anyone here — with the use of nuclear weapons.”

Steps taken by U.S. military figures, typified by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, et al., have kept Obama’s insanity and thirst for destruction at bay. Now, with the rapidly collapsing global financial system, and the growing support throughout the nation and the world for Glass-Steagall legislation — a bill that bankrupts the Wall Street and London criminal bastards while restoring national sovereignty — Obama and his British controllers have made a desperate move that threatens the future of mankind.
Leaders in the U.S. Congress have already warned the administration of impeachment, including the joint resolution sponsored by Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC), HCR 40, which puts impeachment on the table for any executive action of war without the approval of congress. This warning was echoed late last year by Rep. Jones and Rep. Rangel (D-NY) at a joint press conference they held to emphasize the growing threat to our nation and the world. And, as of this writing, 33 members of Congress — 29 Republicans and 4 Democrats — have insisted that Congress return to D.C. and vote on any acts of war targeting Syria.
The orders to Congress are clear: they must immediately return to Washington D.C. and bring Barack Hussein Obama to trial for high crimes and acts equivalent to treason. His actions betray our Constitution and the principles of natural law, and risk human extinction through thermonuclear war. Second, they must make Glass-Steagall law and secure the basic economic interests of the nation by prosecuting the criminal thugs of Wall Street, and creating a future of massive development and fundamental progress through thermonuclear power and NAWAPA.
Demand that your member of Congress immediately return to Washington D.C. to impeach Obama and pass Glass-Steagall. Your life, and your future, depends on it.

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