Congressman Jones Warns of Obama Impeachment If U.S. Goes to War in Syria

United States Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC)

30 Aug. (LPAC) On Thursday, Congressman Walter Jones (NC) was interviewed for 45 minutes on the nationally syndicated Internet radio show, “The Power Hour”. Host Joyce Reilly began the show with the question, “How can the President justify going to war in Syria?” Jones said that last year Obama bypassed Congress in bombing Libya. Reilly asked, “Why bomb Syria? Syria is not a threat to the U.S.” Jones cited his bill in Congress HCR 3, which calls for the impeachment of any President that goes to war without the authorization of Congress, but said the Congressional leadership has not let the bill out of committee to get a hearing. When he was asked if we’re going to strike Syria, Jones said that he has called for “an independent review to establish the credibly of who used chemical weapons.”

Reilly asked, “Are people being paid off to vote a certain way?’ He answered by raising Eisenhower’s parting call to beware of the power of the military-industrial complex. He added that some, not everyone, get inside tips to make money, and when they leave Congress many immediately go into business.

He ended by saying the country is in “deep trouble” and that there must be a tsunami of phone calls into Congress, “that people use the Internet and email when a telephone call is much more effective.”

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