2 September 2013 LPAC Policy Committee

Watch the Policy Committee discussion here

The discussion begins:

… I would say that the performance by Kerry, as
you’re referencing is the most disgusting type of wartime
propaganda.  But the influence of General Dempsey and the leading
members of the military obviously has undermined what Obama
envisioned, which was that he was already going to be bombing
Syria by Wednesday or Thursday of last week!  And now we’re into
Monday of this week; the Congress is now scheduled to debate what
this issue is.  And with what we already saw in the British
Parliament, you can be sure that Obama is not getting his way, in
the type of way that this time last week, he envisioned he was
going to be already in the middle of a another war in Syria.

LAROUCHE:  I think we also have an indication of what
Obama’s position is going to be, under direction.  They’re going
to try to pull something off.  They’ve decided — first of all,
the Joint Chiefs really gave them a rough time, and now they’ve
tried to bounce back with Kerry’s role, and this thing is going
to bounce back and forth.  I don’t think there’s any certainty,
yet at this point.  I would say, yes, the attitude of the
population is known.  But who knows how they’re going to
orchestrate it.

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