“Father of the House” Tapsell Argues that Syria Brings Up the “Armageddon Question”

6Sept. (EIRNS) Taking questions in the House of Commons, British Prime Minister David Cameron called on President Barack Obama to take military action against Syria, but reiterated that Great Britain will not participate in such action.

He was warned by the Father of the House, Conservative MP Peter Tapsell, that military intervention could lead to “Armageddon.” Tapsell, 83, a onetime adviser to Prime Minister Sir Anthony Eden, who launched the Suez War in 1956, asked Cameron in Parliament about Syria. Tapsell, a prominent opponent of military intervention, said: “As the Syrian tragedy has unfolded I have always had the Armageddon question in the back of my mind, which I shall now, in an understated form if I may, put to the prime minister. If the Americans illegally bombard the Assad forces and Assad legally invites the Russians in to degrade the rebels, what will NATO do?”

Cameron responded by ignoring the question and said it was the Syrian people who were facing Armageddon because of the use of chemical weapons.

Cabinet Minister Ken Clarke said Cameron had been rushed into holding a “quick” Commons vote on military intervention in Syria by Obama, according to the Daily Telegraph. “We did not get a majority because of the trauma of the Iraq War,” he told Channel 4 News. “The Americans wanted us to make this vote very quickly. We actually said we could have another vote later before action if people wanted. But people were so scarred by the experience of Iraq, we did not manage to get across to enough of our people that we were not repeating the gross error of Iraq, and then Ed Miliband pulled most of the Labour Party out.”

Clarke had missed the ill-fated Parliamentary vote last week “for family reasons.”

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