The House Is Now Increasingly Against a Syria Attack; Expect the Gates of Hell to Spew Threats and Bribes

         8 Sept.(EIRNS)–Obama Chief of Staff Denis McDonough
appeared on CBS-TV’s {Face the Nation} today, and insisted to
host Bob Schieffer that every member of Congress accepts the
intelligence that the Syrian government carried out a chemical
weapons attack against its own people.
        If this is so, asked Schieffer, why are “there a lot of
people in both parties, as you well know, who are very much
opposed to this [attack]…Because I have to tell you they think
you’re losing support with every passing day. There’s another
indication every day that somebody else comes out against giving
the president this authority.”
        Schieffer next interviewed House Intelligence Committee
Chairman Mike Rogers (R-MI), asking: “Mr. McDonough thinks
Congress will give him, give the president the approval. Do you
think so?
        Rogers: Well, I think it’s an uphill slog from here….
        Schieffer: So you think [Obama] has actually lost support in
the last week?
        Rogers: I think it’s very clear he’s lost support in the
last week. And again, it’s difficult to make a decision if you
don’t have access to the classified information… A lot of the
members, both Democrats and Republicans, are saying the reaction
from their constituents is overwhelmingly against any kind of
action here. Are you getting that kind of reaction?
        Rogers: Absolutely, I mean, people in my –“
        Schieffer next interviewed Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI), who
said, “I can’t think of a reason right now, based on the
objectives that the administration has laid out … why the
United States should support this action.
        As to the “evidence,” Amash said, “I think nobody rebuts the
evidence we’ve been presented at the briefings. But … I think
there are some things that are being embellished in the public
statements, and I — I would ask the administration to be more
forward with the public about his, because we all need to have
the information.”
        The New York Times Sept. 7 summarized that Obama is in real
trouble on the vote. “After a frenetic week of wall-to-wall
intelligence briefings, dozens of phone calls and hours of
hearings with senior members of Mr. Obama’s war council, more and
more lawmakers, Republican and Democrat, are lining up to vote
against the president. The Times also rported that “lawmakers
came away [from the hearings] believing that General Dempsey
projected an image of military reluctance. A day earlier, the NY
Times had reported more fulsomely that “has made clear his
skepticism about military action in lengthy letters to Congress
….  [he] appeared to want to disappear behind his medals and
ribbons. Looking down, offering monosyllabic answers, and
dispensing with an opening statement, the general left little
doubt that he was simply carrying out orders.”

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