Russian National TV: Will U.S. Army Be Mercenaries for the Saudis?

10 Sept. (EIRNS) Sunday night’s weekly news review program with Irada Zeynalova on Channel One Russia featured a segment titled “Playing with Fire: the Americans Attempt to Assemble a Strike Force against Syria,” which emphasized that Saudi Arabia is currently deploying the United States against Syria. The broadcast, seen by millions in Russia, said that U.S. soldiers are being turned into mercenaries for the Saudis, and that U.S. sovereignty is under the boot of the real empire which is “the global market.” Zeynalova led the segment by citing U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey’s evaluation, contained in his official letters from earlier this summer, that attacks on Syria could weaken the Bashar Assad government while playing into the hands of extremists – al Qaeda.

Channel One Russia, majority-owned by Gazprom, is Russia’s biggest TV network. The “Playing with Fire” segment was one of three on Syria during the Sept. 8 weekly review. A report on the 8000+ Russian citizens still in Syria included an interview with one of the many Russian women whose husbands and children are Syrians. Coverage of the Syria discussion during the Sept. 5-6 G20 summit in St. Petersburg contrasted Vladimir Putin as a statesman, as against Barack Obama and David Cameron, heard in clips sounding fairly deranged.

Like Putin himself at the G20 meeting, Zeyalova played up opposition from within the USA to Obama and his “red line.” She said: “The Americans’ plans to hit Syria are the most discussed topic in the world. Obama is trying to obtain from Congress a mandate for war without UN authorization. His Secretary of State, Kerry, assures us that this is retaliation for the use of chemical weapons, about which Kerry supposedly has irrefutable evidence that it was done by supporters of Assad. But even in America only 9 percent support bombing. And even Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Dempsey warns: a strike will weaken Assad, but strengthen al-Qaeda. Opponents of the strike, besides Moscow, include the EU, the UN, and even the Pope.”

Reporter Yevgeni Baranov then updated the status of the attack plans. “The three days initially allowed by Obama for punishing Assad have turned into sixty,” said Baranov, “with Saudi Arabia being called upon to pay for the cost overrun. Thus the American servicemen, who are already less then ecstatic about fighting on the side of al-Qaeda, are going to face doing so as mercenaries for the Saudis.”

An evidently Muslim Russian analyst named Anatoli el Myurid was then shown saying that the Israelis and the Saudis are hell-bent on disrupting any overtures toward Iran from the U.S. side. He asserted that therefore the Saudis not only want to get the USA into this new war, but to make it a long war, with the overriding goal that, “They categorically, absolutely need to draw Iran into the war.”

Regarding the United States, Baranov continued: “It is now becoming clear that the sovereignty of the United States and its ability to make independent decisions is just as miniscule as that of all those unfortunates, whose sovereignty has been broken over the past 20 years, using the selfsame American liberal ideology and military power. The global market, which puts corporate interests above those of the state, and personal interests, accordingly, above the public interest – that is what has become the real super-empire, in which the United States has turned out to be merely one of the wealthier provinces. That is the only way to explain how the American armed forces have become mercenaries, while none of those who are sending the soliders overseas, supposedly to defend the national interest, is able to tell them what those interests are.”

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