“9/11 Widow Speaks Out” — on Saudi Funding of Terrorism

Terry Strada, whose husband died in the World Trade Center in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, has written an open letter to Members of Congress, published in the Huffington Post, in which she notes the current outrage over Syria, but asks, where is the outrage over the fact that the criminals who funded the 9/11 attacks have not yet been held accountable?

“The public still does not know the whole story about who bankrolled the attacks. It is still a secret,” she writes, noting that the 9/11 Commission was denied access to critical documents, Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton have asked for declassification of the suppressed 28 pages, and Bob Graham has been calling for a re-opening of the 9/11 investigation.

“Let’s begin with the obvious,” she writes. “Do we believe 19 hijackers, who barely spoke English, came to the United States via air travel, rented apartments and cars, attended aviation schools, traveled and lived here for 2 years and bought first class airfare to practice and execute their heinous crimes did so with no monetary support? These Islamist hit men were bankrolled for over 2 years by a very wealthy al-Qaeda financial network of individuals, banks and ostensible charities (aka the Golden Chain), based almost entirely in Saudi Arabia.”

Strada is part of a group of 9/11 families who have been trying to years to pursue a legal case against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, several Saudi princes, and others accused of financing al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups. In 2005 the Saudis were dismissed from the case. Next week, according to Dan Christenson of the Broward Bulldog, legislation will be introduced in Congress to overturn the court rulings which prevent the families from suing the Saudis and others culpable for financing terrorism.

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