Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham: “A Blanket Of National Security” Was Thrown Over 9/11 Financing

In a major feature article, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reviews the suppression of the Sarasota/Saudi 9/11, and begins with former U.S. Senator Bob Graham charging a cover-up of the question, “Who financed and supported the 9/11 attacks?”

“It is a big onion, which is being slowly peeled,” Graham told the Herald-Tribune. “We are continuing with all the means that are still available to us to get this material into the hands of the public.”         “And the FBI is aggressively resisting the release of any additional documents,” he said. “What interest does the FBI have in denying the existence of its own documents? Beyond that, they have thrown a blanket of national security over virtually everything, and why are they doing that for an event that occurred, soon to be, 12 years ago?”

Larry Berberich, who was head of security for the gated Prestancia community where the wealthy Saudi Ghazzawi family, linked to the 9/11 hijackers, lived, says: “Some of the local [police] departments knew a hell of a lot about what was going on and were feeding the FBI that information,” but soon after local law enforcement officers searched the vacated home of the Saudis in Prestancia, he said, “everything went black,” and local law enforcement personnel privy to evidence were muzzled.

The Herald-Tribune article also contains some new information about the high-level Saudi connections of Esam Ghazzawi, who owned the Prestancia house. His father, Abbas Ghazzawi, was part of the royal entourage when King Saud came to the U.S. to meet with President Eisenhower in 1957, and was part of the negotiations that allowed the U.S. to keep a military base in Saudi Arabia in exchange for the U.S. selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

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