More Military Leaks Discredit Claims Assad Used Chemical Weapons In Ghouta

The neo-cons are joining the campaign to discredit the British-Obama-French campaign charging the Assad regime with being the source of chemical attacks on civilians inside their own country.

The latest instance is an article by F. Michael Maloof, a close associate of the planners of the 2003 Iraq war, published today in World New Daily, entitled “U.S. Military confirms Rebels Had Sarin, Classified document shows deadly weapon found in home of arrested Islamists.”

Maloof reports that WND received a classified document from the U.S. intelligence community’s National Ground intelligence Center on Sept. 10, which confirmed that sarin was confiscated earlier this year from a member of the Jabhat al-Nusra Front, who had received it from Iraq, and likely used it in the March attack on civilizans and soldiers in Aleppo.

The article then goes into reports on the Turkish arrest of these al-Nusra members with sarin, in Turkey last May — and the whole array of detailed reports which are contained in the LaRouchePAC fact sheet of Sept. 11, and the EIR article in the Sept. 6th issue. Maloof effectively supports the charges that the sarin was manufactured in Iraq and transported to Turkey, citing the Del Ponte report, the Russian 100-page report, terrorism expert Yossef Bodansky, and the VIPS report.

Maloof cites the Russian report as saying specifically that the sarin was supplied by a Saddam-era general working under an outlawed Iraq Ba’ath party leader, and had been prepared by a former Iraqi Military Industries Brigadier General, Adnan al-Dulaimi.

Maloof also quotes the evidence against the rebels from the Belgian researcher Pierre Piccinin, and various videos, showing foreign fighters in Syria firing arillery cannisters of poison gas.

A less significant hole in the Obama/Cameron lies came in the lead story of the Washington Times today, which cited “officials” saying that “U.S. intelligence has yet to uncover evidence that Syrian President Bashar Assad directly ordered the chemical attacks last month on civilians in a suburb of Damascus.” The article underscores the point with quotes from Kerry and Obama. But it then goes on to speculate that the decision was made by a “rogue general” — instead of facing the reality that the rebels have chemical weapons.

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