September 13th, 2013 LaRouche Webcast: Q5 – Technology, after Empire

The fifth question from the September 13th webcast.

Much of how we’ve dealt with the global community has been under “globalization”, i.e. under the British empire. Much of how nations have identified themselves has been either in submission, or in opposition to the empire. The Silk Road was not just about trade. You had cultural exchange of ideas, technology sharing.

Today, if you go to a science/technology department at a University, you feel like you’re in China. If you try to find the blue collar workers in the U.S., you need to go to China.

What is your advice on technology sharing in a world freed from the present grip of the British empire?

Mr LaRouche explains how and why the Wall St side-show and the British Empire it represents will meet its end imminently.  Watch his answer here

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