China’s President Xi Develops Call For New Silk Road

September 14 (EIRNS)–President Xi Jinping, speaking at the SCO
Leaders’ Summit reiterated his call for a “New Silk Road.”
Noting that all the countries of the SCO, including the five
observer nations, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Iran, India, and
Pakistan, all lie on the route of the old Silk Road, he again
underlined the need for these nations to work together in this
time of crisis to fight the three evils of terrorism, separatism,
and extremism, but also to strengthen their economic cooperation
in a difficult global economic climate.
Referring to the traditional “Shanghai Spirit” of
cooperation among the SCO members, and also the presence of the
observer nations, he called for all the nations present to
establish a “Silk Road spirit,” that would preserve the
traditions of cooperation from the ancient Silk Road nations.  He
called on the observer nations to also move to build a greater
unity with the SCO, specifying a number of areas
in which they should cooperate: 1) To work toward establishing a
grid of transportation and communication in the region and to
move toward the signing of a transportation facilitation treaty,
creating thus “an unobstructed route from the Baltic to the
Pacific”; 2) To begin to discuss a trade and investment
facilitation treaty and establishing an SCO “credit window” to
facilitate trade; 3) To strengthen financial cooperation in the
region and to establish an SCO development bank for
infrastructure projects and for facilitating inter-regional
trade; 4) Establish an energy loan association; and 5) Establish
a mechanism to assure food security.
As one Chinese commentator said, of President Xi’s new
emphasis, “The SCO has been focussed on defense and security.
Now President Xi feels it is time for it to focus on economic
issues.”  [wcj]

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