Rosatom and Rolls-Royce Form Strategic Partnership

Sept. 17, 2013 (EIRNS)–On Sept. 5 the Russian state nuclear
company, Rosatom, Rolls-Royce, and Finnish utility Fortun agreed
to consider building nuclear power plants in Great Britain. “A
cooperation agreement was signed between Rosatom state
corporation, Rolls-Royce and Fortum whose goal is to jointly
study the possibilities for building and maintaining nuclear
power stations with water-water power reactors in Britain,”
Rosatom said.
The agreement was signed following talks between Rosatom
chief Sergei Kiriyenko and British Business and Energy Minister
Michael Fallon in Moscow.
“The sides consider the British energy market attractive,
because the largest part of the existing fleet of Britain’s
nuclear power stations is planned to be phased out over the
medium term,” Rosatom said.
“I welcome the partnership between the U.K. and Russia on
civil nuclear cooperation,” Fallon was quoted as saying in a
Rolls-Royce statement.
The three companies will assess the feasibility of
introducing Russian “Generation III+ VVER” nuclear reactor
technology to the U.K. new build market. The U.K. government and
Rosatom also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to
facilitate this commercial work.
Rolls-Royce and Rosatom have worked closely together since
2011 and the former was awarded a separate contract to provide
nuclear engineering services to Rosatom.
According to a statement issued by Rolls-Royce, Jason Smith,
Rolls-Royce, President–Nuclear, said: “Rolls-Royce is building a
strong global strategic relationship with Rosatom, and I am
delighted that they have decided to put their trust in us with
this important work, as they look to grow their global
Rolls-Royce is a leading producer of jet engines as well as
other types of turbines.  It also produces the Rolls-Royce
pressurized water reactor for the British Navy’s nuclear
submarines.  [DEA]

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