British Expert: No Proof Assad Used Deadly Gas

19 Sept (LPAC) While Obama minions like U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power were huffing and puffing that the U.N. inspectors’ report showed that “only the regime could have carried out this large-scale chemical weapons attack,” a more sober evaluation was issued by Nick Brown, editor-in-chief of the British authoritative military publication, Jane’s International Defense Review, who told RIA Novosti that the UN finding, in fact, only proved that high-quality sarin gas had been used. He said there was no convincing evidence as to who fired these large amounts of poisonous gas.

Brown also said that high-precision radars could come in handy to peg down the location of any launch in Syria and help attribute the guilt for it. But the situation on the ground is so volatile that it would be near impossible to rely on that data, since territories are constantly changing hands. Another way to find who ordered the gas attack would be to intercept radio communications or direct commands. But again, Brown noted, this never was an objective of the U.N. report.

Brown also warned that the UN report might only add fuel to the fire, because warmongering nations that are advocating a military attack on Syria will be tempted to use any uncovered evidence as a pretext to launch a military operation.

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