Kenyan Terror Attack Part of “International War,” -Kenyan President


A deadly attack by elements of the collection of internationally deployed jihadist militias began Satruday in Nairobi, Kenya. Targetted was an Israeli-owned, high-end shopping mall frequented by ex-patriots and wealthier Kenyans. As of Sunday afternoon, EST, the Red Cross has said that at least 68 have been killed and 200 wounded in the still ongoing attack. Kenyan police officials have said the toll could be much higher. Witnesses have described the attackers as including people from outside Africa, and not only Somalis. The attack has been claimed by the Somali jihadist al-Shabab as revenge for the presence of 4,000 Kenyan troops who are in southern Somalia as part of an effort to establish a functioning government there, which hasn’t had one since 1991.

The estimated 10-15 attackers have been isolated in a section of the first floor and the subterranean parking area. They are holding hostages, which complicates the efforts to end the attack. Over 1,000 have been safely evacuated. The latest reports indicate that an attack has been launched by Kenyan Special Forces.

President Uhuru Kenyatta denounced the assault as a terrorist attack that is part of an international war, and not a Kenya-specific event. Kenyatta’s nephew and his fiance were among those slain. Also killed were at least three Britons, two French, two Canadians, and Kofi Awoonor, a prominent Ghanaian poet and former Ghanaian ambassador to the UN. (Mr. Awoonor had collaborated with the LaRouche movement in the 1990s, giving an interview to EIR on economic development in 1991 and serving as an International Observer at the Schiller Institute’s hearing on the Gross Misconduct of the Justice Department in 1995.) The attack is being described as the worst event in Kenya since the August 1998 bombing of the U.S. embassy.

Kenyatta has been actively campaigning, since the May African Union summit, to get African countries to withdraw from the International Criminal Court set up by the Anglo-Dutch global financial empire. It began functioning in 2002. That AU summit had condemned the ICC as having been set up as a neo-colonial tool. The ICC has issued a warrant against Kenyatta. Kenya’s Vice-President, William Ruto (from a different party than Kenyatta), is presently being tried by the ICC in the Hague, Netherlands (began Sept. 10). After the terrorist assault yesterday, he called for his trial to be adjourned, to allow him to return to Kenya to deal with the crisis.

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