German Election Results: Another Big Disaster

If the final outcome of these national elections in Germany, Sept. 22, were the formation of a new Grand Coalition between Christian Democrats and Social Democrats, it would probably be the worst of all options: Both parties stand firmly behind the bail-outs and bail-ins, with the SPD even more supranationalist than the CDU-CSU. Such a coalition, with 503 of 630 seats, could easily change the constitution and run all types of nasty operations, if the financial oligarchy calls for them.

The next-worst disasters would be a three-party coalition of SPD, Greens, and Linke (together they have 319 seats in the newly-elected Bundestag), or a CDU-Green coalition (with 374 seats, combined). Let no one be fooled: these are all scenarios that lead more or less straight into political and economic catastrophes, since all Bundestag parties are for the euro, for the bail-outs, against nuclear power and for ‘renewable’ energy, against classical culture, and against science. The only party that represents something real that offers a better future to Germany and the Germans, is the BueSo—and it is unfortunately not in the new Bundestag.

But reality is not static: None of the Bundestag parties have an answer to the deep crisis, and all of them will make mistakes —for example when the bail-in comes, many if not most Germans that have voted for one of these parties, will rub their eyes when they discover that their bank account has been emptied. And this will also be the situation when many if not most voters of the new, totally fake “anti-euro” party Alternative (AfD) look at their bank accounts, which will be as empty as the heads of these establishment party politicians, after the bail-in.

In terms of percentages: the CDU-CSU received 41.5 percent; SPD 25.7; Linke 8.6; Greens 8.4; FDP only 4.8 and therefore out of the parliament; AfD 4.8 and not in. Note that 15.7 percent of those that went to the ballot box to vote, did not vote for any of the Bundestag parties, and 29.5 percent of the entire electorate did not go to vote at all. That means that the Bundestag parties represent only 55 percent of the national electorate. In Germany, politics has been alienated from the people, and vice versa.

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