Obama the Lame Duck

Obama is quickly on his way to “lame duck” status, less than a year into his second term in office. Even before he was forced to back down on his Syria war drive, his (generally supporting) “liberal” and “progressive” media had begun to distance themselves from the would-be Führer. Now, the “exodus” has become a stampede.

Numerous “progressive” sites are now posting articles on Syrian rebels’ possession and use of chemical weapons. Typical is a post by Michael Collins on OpEd News. “Al Qaeda has a chemical weapons program,” are his first words, after which he reveals many facts, including their “dominance” in the rebel factions, and the Turkish charges that Al Nusra attempted to purchase chemicals for weapons. “This has real implications for the Obama administration’s Syria policy,” Collins says, and “raises questions as to who perpetrated the chemical weapons attack.”

Last week, Stephen Lendemen—who has strongly criticized Obama before, and has called for Glass-Steagall—exposed liberal moneybags George Soros’ involvement with “human rights” groups (along with Ford, Rockefeller, and Carnegie Foundations), saying there are “huge conflicts of interest” because of the big money. Lendemen debunks a Human Rights Watch report on the Ghouta attacks, and quotes Francis Boyle vs. Amnesty International: “Amnesty International is primarily motivated not by human rights but by publicity. Second comes money. Third comes getting more members. Fourth, internal turf battles. And then finally, human rights, genuine human rights concerns.” Lendemen’s exposé was featured on the San Francisco-based “IndyBay” website, a hotbed of Soros/Pelosi/Obama support.

On Sunday, Obama was essentially threatened with impeachment —by former Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Speaking on his adopted FoxNews network, Kucinich responded as the topic of impeachment was brought up, saying, “Yes [Obama could be impeached], and I’ll tell you why: Because there is no imminent or actual threat to the United States of America.” He continued to lecture the constitutional scholar, saying “It’s not ‘I, the president;’ it’s ‘We, the people of the United States’ who formed the Constitution. Article 1, Section 8 says, ‘Only the Congress has the power to take this country to war.’ That’s a fundamental principle, and if the president throws that away and disregards that, I think that there’ll be consequences for him.”

Meanwhile, the American public remains strongly opposed to any direct involvement in the Syria war. A review of congressional newsletters (sent to constituents via e-mail), shows polls running as high as 94% against a war. Even the rare Democrat (in this case Iowa’s Bruce Braley) courageous enough to raise the issue, says that 75% of responders were against further involvement of the U.S. in the region.

As support dwindles, Obama is left to talk about “gun control,” in a desperate effort to re-invigorate his base.

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