Putin Warns of Terror “Spilling Over” from Syrian and Afghanistan

Addressing the heads of states of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) at Sochi, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned the CSTO member states that, “The issue of terrorism spilling over from one country into another is very real and can affect the interests of any of our countries. As far as this spill-over effect goes, we have just witnessed the terrible tragedy that is unfolding in Kenya. The gunmen seem to have come from another country by all accounts, and are carrying out terrible, bloody crimes there.”

Reminding the CSTO members of the impending withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, President Putin said: “By raising our countries’ defense capabilities and our collective forces’ combat readiness and effectiveness, we can create a reliable barrier to terrorist and extremist threats. This is especially important with the foreign military contingent in Afghanistan preparing to withdraw in 2014. No matter what turn developments take in Afghanistan, we must not let ourselves be caught unprepared. I hope that today we will discuss in this context reinforcing and protecting the Tajikistani-Afghan border.”

Urging the CSTO member states not to ignore the Syria issue, the Russian President said: “The CSTO cannot ignore as serious an issue as the Syrian conflict. The CSTO countries are unanimous in their opinion that the situation in Syria should be settled peacefully and any outside military action would be a severe violation of international law, or as the UN charter calls it, aggression.”

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