British-Saudi Freak-out Grows at Lavrov-Kerry Phase Shift Agreement

In another story indicating the growing freak- out by the British-Saudi and Israeli ersatz allies of the U.S., over the Sept. 14 Lavrov-Kerry phase-shift agreement, the Sept. 29 Wall Street Journal headlines a diatribe, “The U.S.’s handling of overtures on Syria and Iran have outraged regional ally Saudi Arabia.”

This week, the Saudis announced that they plan to step up shipment of all manner of arms to the jihadi terrorists, in apparent disregard of whether or not the U.S. would approve.

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud bin Faisal informed the “Friends of Syria” gaggle in New York Sept. 26, that in response to the Sept. 14 agreement, Saudi Arabia wants “intensification of political, economic, and military support to the Syrian opposition … to change the balance of power on the ground.” Prince Saud’s remarks were little noted, as they were overshadowed by President Obama’s phone discussion with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.

Mustafa Alani, who is a Saudi stringer as an analyst with the Geneva-based Gulf Research Center, threatened to the Journal on Sept. 29, “We are learning from our enemies now how to treat the United States,” i.e., as he implies, with disdain. Then Alani lets the cat out of the bag, when he stresses that while the U.S. may view al Nusra and like groups as terrorist, the Saudis don’t necessarily share that view. The Journal paraphrases Alani: “However, the U.S. is more conservative than the Gulf countries in what it considers terrorist groups in Syria. The U.S. has declared Syrian rebel group Jabhat al-Nusra to be a terrorist organization, while many in the Gulf consider the rebel faction to be a legitimate, predominantly Syrian fighting force against Mr. Assad.”

Indeed, this would explain Saudi behavior all along.

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