Swiss War Games Envisioned War in Bankrupt Europe

The Swiss weekly Matin Dimanche reported that in August, the Swiss military conducted an army exercise for the event of a war in Europe. The exercise practiced for an attack from a bankrupt France that had “broken into warring regions.” One of these regions composed of the French Jura, called “Saônia,” and invaded neighboring Switzerland to take back money it believed Switzerland had stolen from France. The attack was conducted by “a paramilitary organization called the Dijon Free Brigade.”

The exercise operation was named “Duplex-Barbara” and envisaged a three-pronged invasion from points near Neufchâtel, Lausanne, and Geneva, according to a map published in the Swiss newspaper.

Antoine Vielliard, a politician from Haute-Savoie, told Matin Dimanche, “In order [for the exercise] to be credible, the Swiss Army would have to be working on 21st century threats.” “Duplex-Barbara” is not the first such scenario mapped out by the Swiss military. Last year, it undertook an exercise based on the premise that the euro had imploded and that Switzerland was faced with a huge wave of refugees from the Eurozone.

Contrary to most European armies, the Swiss Army is still based on conscription and is the largest army in Europe relative to its population, although there is an anti-nation-state attempt to introduce “modern” reforms.

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