Britain’s U-Turn on Nuclear Energy

Energy Minister, Michael Fallon, Thursday announced the British Government’s intention to get their “civil nuclear programme moving again” through a deal with French energy giant EDF.  Such a deal would “send a strong signal about Britain’s long-term commitment to nuclear energy”, he said.  The plan to build several new nuclear plants, the first in a generation for the country, was agreed in principle some time ago and yesterday’s announcement confirms that plan is on track and its details are being fleshed out in a reasonably timely manner.

It is notable that, according to Mr Fallon, there is “intense interest” amongst a number of East Asian investors, including South Korea, China and Japan, who may just see this as signalling the start of a long awaited nuclear renaissance given that Britain is the “spiritual” home of the anti-nuclear Green Movement for which this is surely a mortal blow.  And doesn’t it make a proper fool of former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, whose virulent anti-nuclear rhetoric on behalf of that same Green Movement has led to the suicidal shutdown of every last one of that country’s 50 nuclear reactors.

Coming in the wake of the virtually unprecedented vote by the British Parliament against military action in Syria, this positive statement of intent reinforces the impression that a sane, forward looking and anti-imperial faction in Britain can emerge from the hopeless paradigm of the past to lead their country through this critical period in world history towards a future of progress and development.  The emerging Pacific/Arctic orientation of LaRouche, which has been eagerly seized upon by other leading nations, provides the context in which Britain, functioning as a nation rather than an empire, can play a  fruitful role as a partner at the forefront of a new and lasting renaissance promoting the common aims of mankind.

In this light, yesterday’s welcome news from Britain potentially has far reaching consequences, not least for the genocidal greenies and their zero growth policies.

The story, including some unfortunate rhetoric about carbon emissions and wind power, was reported yesterday in  The Independent

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