LPAC Webcast Featuring Lyndon LaRouche – Friday October 4th, 2013

Watch the full length webcast from October 4th, 2013 here

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Here’s a flavour of the fireworks you can expect from Mr LaRouche and the LPAC team in Friday’s webcast – as the total  annihilation of the evil British Empire draws ever closer:

OGDEN:  Well, because I can’t resist, and because we still
have time:  One last question, and this is on the advent of the
disintegration of the British Commonwealth.  This week, we
received the happy news that the Republic of Gambia has become
the latest country to declare independence from the British
Empire.  On Wednesday, the government of Gambia announced that it
was withdrawing its membership from the British Commonwealth.
They said, “Gambia will never be a member of any neo-colonial
institution, and never be a party to any institution that
represents an extension of colonialism.”  And this announcement
comes, conveniently, just six weeks before the great, global
convention of the Commonwealth, which usually has 53 member
states.  However, this year, it will only have 52.
And as you made the point last Friday, the poor Queen is
suffering some ailments at this time, and the British royal
family is in a major crisis, as well as poor Prince Philip, her
Royal Consort.  And you have that on one hand, and countries like
Gambia declaring independence; you also mentioned Scotland, last
week.  So my final question is:  What can be done to hasten this
disintegration of the British Empire?

LAROUCHE:  We don’t really need to do much, directly in that
way.  All you have to do — let’s say, let’s take two nations:
Let’s take the United States, China, Russia probably, so forth,
and a few nations that have the guts to challenge this process,
will be sufficient.  Because what’s the situation throughout
Europe, the nations of Europe? {Every} nation of Europe is in
desperation, now!  They have no power of their own {to survive}!
They’re trying to survive, but it’s a losing battle!
So therefore, if {we}, and China and a few other countries,
decide to challenge this thing and say, “an {end} to this!” then,
in that way, we could regain our sovereignty.  And if we did,
some wonderful things would begin to happen.

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