18 October Friday LaRouche Webcast

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MATTHEW OGDEN: Good evening. It’s October 18, 2013. My name
is Matthew Ogden, and I’d like to welcome you to our weekly
broadcast of the LaRouche PAC live webcast, featuring Mr. Lyndon
LaRouche. We will proceed according to our usual format tonight.
There will be a series of questions which Mr. LaRouche will have
an opportunity to respond to. I am joined in the studio by Dennis
Mason, who will be joining me in posing those questions.
We are going to begin with a question which has come in from
a source in Washington D.C. And I’m just going to read the
question as written:
“Mr. LaRouche, as of October 1, the Affordable Care Act,
otherwise known as Obamacare has been launched with a well-known
series of computer glitches and other serious problems. On a much
more profound level, you were one of the earliest and harshest
critics of Obamacare; even equating it with Hitler’s 1939 T-4
euthanasia program. Much of the recent debate around Obamacare
has been muddled by Tea Party Republicans, the government
shutdown, and the fight over the debt ceiling. The {New York
Times} has recently three articles exposing the fact that some of
the most vulnerable Americans, including the working poor and
single-parent households, will be shut out of the health care
system all together. Can you please take us through your critique
of Obamacare in the context of the larger economic policies of
the Obama Presidency? What do these policies represent? What are
your alternatives? Clearly, many of the most vocal and informed
critics of Obamacare share very little with the Tea Party
critics, and in fact advocate a far more serious change in our
entire health care delivery system.”

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Well, the question has two parts. The first
part is entirely correct, as far as I understand, that’s clear;
those are the facts. What’s different is the question about the
Obamacare system. Now the charges made are plausible, but they
don’t go to the root of the matter. What this is, is the Queen of
England, in her policy and the policy of her Dutch allies or
partners, has actually decreed a campaign of genocide whose
stated intention is to reduce the population of the planet Earth
from 7 billion persons to less than 1. This program is now
ongoing. Not only is this the ongoing program, but this is
precisely the program doctored by Queen Elizabeth and adopted
from the beginning of his Presidency by this character Obama.
So Obama is actually an instrument of genocide placed in
government with the aid of a lot of drug money from the British
to back his career, especially near the Texas border and so
forth. And this bum has been committed to that policy of genocide
specified internationally by the Queen of England and her Dutch
This program is now fully in effect, and has been in effect
since actually the beginning of the George W. Bush
administration. That has been the policy. It has also been
implicitly the policy of the Bush family since Prescott Bush, who
was the actual guy who bailed Hitler out and made Hitler the
dictator of Europe essentially. It was done by the same group. So
both of these factors — the Bush family from Prescott Bush,
George H.W. Bush, and little Bush, are all samples of this
problem. So what we’re dealing with is, we’re dealing with an
international, effectively global, which has already virtually
taken out the nations of continental Europe are virtually in the
process of disappearing under a program which amounts already to
What this means for the United States is keeping Obama in
the Presidency is condoning genocide. He should be thrown out of
office now, in the proper procedure; get him out of there so at
that point we can save a lot of human lives. Now you look at the
condition of the lives of people in the southern states, the
children in the Southern states. Look at the other results of the
Obama policy in specific. Then look back and say, “Where did this
come from? How did Obama do all this? How is he such a power and
influence that he could do this, together with the British Queen
and the Dutch nonsense?” That’s what this is. The policy is one
of genocide.
In terms of history, you would say the genocide in Greece,
that same genocide is the policy now being pushed. And there is
only one answer, and no matter how much people wiggle about this
thing, there is no possibility of preventing genocide in the
United States as long as Obama is permitted to remain President.
There is no compromise possible on this issue.

OGDEN: Well, let me ask a follow-up question on that, and
give some very significant background, which I think is important
for people to know. Let me just start by saying that on June 24,
2009, the LaRouche movement submitted testimony to the United
States Congress titled, “Why the Obama Health Care Plan Must Be
Scrapped.” That written testimony began by saying: “We have
determined that the fundamental premises of this program as
represented by OMB [Office of Management and Budget] chief Peter
Orszag, his health advisor Ezekiel Emanuel, and the President
himself are identical to those which underlay the genocidal
program for eliminating the ‘unrehabilitatable sick’ of the
Hitler regime. There can be no compromise with the premises of
this program. If it is successful, it will lead to genocide. And
not only in health care, since OMB chief Orszag has already
announced that after health care, he intends to reform, i.e.,
slash Social Security next.”
The testimony goes on to cite the origins of Hitler’s
genocide program, which started with a memo written by Hitler
personally on October of 1939, titled “The Destruction of Lives
Unworthy of Life,” in which he declares that “Reichsleiter
Bouhler and Dr. Brandt are charged with the responsibility for
expanding the authority of physicians, to be designated by name,
to the end that patients considered incurable according to the
best available human judgment of their state of health, can be
accorded a mercy death.”
And as a result of that memo, a working group for
sanitariums and nursing homes was set up at 4 Tiergartenstrasse
in Berlin. And they prepared a questionnaire to categorize the
specific individuals who would be targeted for these so-called
“mercy deaths.” The four categories were: 1) patients who
suffered from diseases which rendered them unemployable,
including schizophrenia, epilepsy, senility, paralysis,
feeble-mindedness and the like; 2) patients who had been
institutionalized for at least five years; 3) patients who are
criminally insane; and 4) non-Germans. According to this
questionnaire, which was circulated to all the hospitals in
Germany, an independent board of experts then reviewed each case,
and put a dash mark or an X, signifying whether the patient lived
or died.
Now, Dr. Leo Alexander, who was the chief medical advisor to
the United States chief counsel for war crimes during the Nazi
doctors trial in the Nuremberg tribunals, wrote the following in
the {New England Journal of Medicine} after the Nuremberg trials
He said: “Whatever proportions these crimes finally assumed,
it became evident to all who investigated them that they had
started from small beginnings. The beginnings at first were
merely a subtle shift in emphasis in the basic attitude of the
physicians. It started with the acceptance of the attitude, basic
in the euthanasia movement, that there is such a thing as a life
not worthy to be lived. This attitude in its early stages
concerned itself merely with the severely and chronically sick.
Gradually the sphere of those to be included in this category was
enlarged to encompass the socially unproductive, the
ideologically unwanted, and finally all non-Aryans. But it is
important to realize that the infinitely small wedge-in lever
from which this entire trend of mind received its impetus was the
attitude towards the non-rehabilitable sick.”
Now, Lyn, when you first identified Obamacare as a carbon
copy of Hitler’s T-4, back in 2009, and put the Hitler moustache
on Obama, leading Democrats went hysterical, and screamed that
your warnings were extreme, were over the top. But just this past
week, we’ve received reports that there’s been a sudden change in
attitude among certain layers of the Democratic Party leadership,
who are now beginning to realize that you were right all along,
and that your warnings about the killer fascist tendency of this
President are now being proven totally correct. So, in light of
that change, I wanted to invite you to elaborate on this in the
context that we find ourselves in now.

LAROUCHE: What we have is a global phenomenon, this horror
show, which has destroyed the nations of Central and Western
Europe already. They no longer have freedom, any freedom to speak
of, so to speak. They’re under management by the joint
Dutch-British imperial system, and that whole center part of
Europe is now being butchered; plainly butchered. The thing is
now being spread in terms of the Obama Administration’s role in
the attempt to start a war against China. And this is very
serious. An attempted war against China, where Korea refused to
deal with Obama’s administration on the basis of this, that they
would not tolerate this attempt to start a war using Korea
against China. So, we’re in the same kind of thing.
On top of that, there is no possibility now, as long as
Obama is not removed from office for cause; for cause —
elementary cause. If he’s not removed from office, then those who
do not work to remove him from office, are guilty. They’re guilty
of the same crime as Adolf Hitler because they condone it.
Because that’s what the danger was with the Germans. The German
people began to give in to Hitler. They were giving in to Hitler
even before the war was the same kind of crime. It was a crime
against humanity, which had already started in 1939 openly, and
it was backed by Prescott Bush, who was the person who first
intervened to allow Hitler to become the Chancellor of Germany.
And who, in effect, made him and supported him together with
other pro-Nazi people in the British system and in the Bush
family system, too.
So, the Bush family, since that time, including George H.W.
Bush, including Bush-Bush. This operation is the same criminal
tendency, but in a more or less diluted or disguised form. But
that’s what the policy is, and the Bush family’s role in this is
prominent — all the way through. It is a Bush family program,
especially the family of Prescott Bush. And that’s the problem.
Do we in the United States have a sense of honor which
refuses to deal justly with our own people for the sake of giving
opportunities to that Bush family? And also remember, there’s
another crime: 9/11. 9/11, even though they have all these
special protocols around it, try to deny the truth. 9/11 was a
product of the British monarchy, the Saudi Kingdom, including the
leading Saudi figure right now, who was involved in that. They
did 9/11, and then the Bush family went ahead and pushed through
a cover-up of 9/11, when in point of fact, it was the Saudi
leader, who was at that point the Ambassador to the United
States, this Saudi leader personally is involved in setting up
9/11, {personally}! And he’s now still the head of the Saudi
Arabian system.
So that’s what the problem is. therefore, what you see is a
stink of corruption permeating our own institutions of government
through these mechanisms. And the time has come when, we will not
save the United States, and anyone who does not move, to move
these guys out, is actually condoning, implicitly condoning,
{treason} against the United States. Treason against the human
species as well, because the intention here is global! We have
now 7 billion people on this planet, estimated. And the Queen of
England, together with her Dutch accomplices, has set forth a
policy for reduction of the human population, as rapidly as
possibly, from 7 billion people to 1, or less. That is the policy
of the Queen of England. That is the policy of the Dutch system.
The Dutch were actually much ahead of their British cousins in
terms of this kind of genocide. And that’s where we stand.
We are at the point where anyone who raises funny questions
about my charges against Obama and his predecessors and the
Bushes, is wrong. And their wrongness, and the fact that they
have great influence in the nation, means that their wrongness
borders into really {criminal intentions}.

OGDEN: Lyn, yesterday you appeared on the Alex Jones show,
and gave an interview there in which you unequivocally stated
exactly what you’ve stated tonight. That the time has come for
the immediate removal from office of Barack Obama. What you said
there was that “Obama has to be thrown out of office immediately,
and there’s every reason to do so preemptively, not only for his
sake, but for the sake of the people of the United States.” And
you said, “If his policies, as he just put the new stages into
operation, if that policy is allowed, you’re going to see open
Hitler-style genocide applied to a large section of the U.S.
population, who are considered not fit to survive, not fit to
live. Just like Hitler, lives unworthy to be lived.”
And in that interview, you said that across the nation we’re
seeing an explosion in this determination; what you called “a
rising tide of determination to throw this guy out of office.”
That’s the mood out there, and it’s increasing at a rapid rate.
Now, I just wanted to cite two examples of that.  First of
all, earlier this week, a very high-level elected official, the
Lieutenant Governor of Texas, a man named David Dewhurst,
surprised a lot of people by openly calling for Obama’s
impeachment.  He said he had a number of reasons, which rose to
the level of high crimes and misdemeanors:  Obama’s blatant
disregard for Federal law, including ignoring Federal drug laws;
stating his open intention to work around the United States
Congress, in violation of the U.S. Constitution.  But what
Dewhurst said he was most concerned about is Benghazi.  And he
said all the national news reported that there was a live video
stream into the White House Situation Room, “and not mobilizing
some response to protect the Ambassador and those three
Americans, is just outrageous to me.”  He said, “That happens to
be my view, that the man has committed crimes that do not warrant
his staying in office.”
Now, in addition to the Lieutenant Governor of Texas, we’ve
also seen the somewhat popular radio show host Glenn Beck, who
just recently joined in, finally, in calling for Obama’s
impeachment. And he said, “For the very first time in my career,
I personally calling for the impeachment of the President of the
United States.  He’s arming known terrorists in Syria, and if
they are saying, we’re going to arm al-Qaeda, and yes, we {know}
that arms are going to fall into the hands of al-Qaeda,” Beck
said, “if that’s not an impeachable offense, I don’t know what an
impeachable offense is.  You’re arming and aiding the enemies of
the United States.  I believe it is impeachable, I believe it is
{treason}, and the President {knows} that it is against the law.”
So, I think it’s clear that there is indeed, as you said,
Lyn, yesterday, a rising tide of determination in the United
States to throw this President out of office.  And what you said
yesterday, is that this is a President who’s practically sitting
there waiting for his own Nuremberg Tribunal.
So, you raised the question on the Alex Jones show, are we
going to wait for a bloody dictatorship in this country, or are
we going to mobilize to throw him out of office now?  What, in
your opinion, needs to be said to the people, who’re in the
position to do that, to have that happen immediately?

LAROUCHE:  There’s a certain time, where silence speaks
wonders.  Because when you take the list of crimes which this
President has committed against the United States and against the
people of the world, and the greater crimes he’s trying to spread
now, for example, trying to spread war against China, which is
already there.  The Korean pressure, from the United States on
Korea, the same way.  So you see that this thing that’s been
done, the crushing and destruction of Western and Central Europe,
the virtual genocide against Greece in particular; the threats
against other nations, Spain, Portugal, and so forth — all
coming from the same source of policy:  the Queen and her Dutch
relative.  Who, by the way, these were the original sponsors,
together with, more aggressive than Bush, the Bush family.
Prescott was a key author.  Not only did he support and defend
Hitler into office, he did that  — but his whole crew of allies
did, from inside the United States and Britain.
The same thing has been going on again.  They have destroyed
the sovereignty of the nations of Western and Central Europe,
they have {destroyed} that sovereignty.  And it started because a
French President, who was no damned good, actually, was a key in
that instrument, but it was done by whom?  By {George H.W. Bush},
then a President of the United States (and then Vice President as
well, in this time), and that crew.  They did it!  So you’ve got
the Bush family, which has a Hitler pedigree, through their
grandfather, original grandfather, Prescott Bush, was a Hitler
supporter.  You’ll find that around all the people who were in
that particular Wall Street interest, were {all} the same thing.
So the time has come, that the question is, are we going to have
a human species?
Now, there’s one aspect of this thing you’ve got to take
into mind.  The level of warfare today, is thermonuclear warfare.
We have a number of nations who are on the target list of Obama
and his allies, which include Russia, and China, and possibly
India, and other countries.  Any war which occurs among this
circle of nations, of adversaries, would be a thermonuclear war.
A thermonuclear war would be the probable {extinction} of the
human species, because merely going to the level of warfare, in
mobilization and weaponry, to do that, to conduct such warfare
successfully, or supposedly, would cause reactions throughout the
planet, which would be the extinction of the human species.
There is no moral excuse, there’s no justification, in view
of Obama’s role in this complex, and his advocacies in this
complex, {there is no basis in humanity, to continue for a
further extend, the Presidency of the United States, into the
paws of Obama.}

MASON:  I have a question on the South Korean situation,
which I’ll read.  Last night, and earlier in this broadcast, you
commented that the decision by South Korea to reject Obama’s
missile defense system, which would be aimed at China, represents
a development of strategic significance.
Now, our source reports have confirmed that the South Korean
government is refusing to deploy the U.S. high-altitude
anti-missile systems, and are accusing the United States of
blackmailing them by threatening to reject South Korean requests
to postpone the withdrawal of U.S. defense assistance, by handing
full wartime operational command over to South Korea, {unless}
the government of South Korea agrees to become part of Obama’s
ring-around-China encirclement strategy.  South Korea is clear
that the advanced missile defense systems that the United States
is insisting be installed in South Korea, are in no way meant to
be a deterrent against North Korea.  The low-tier Patriot
missiles that South Korea already has are more than adequate for
that.  But rather, that the United States high-altitude missile
systems are intended to be targetted directly against China.
Now at the same time, it was reported this week that South
Korea and Russia have revived talks on a proposed gas pipeline
that would connect South Korea and Russia, crossing through the
territory of North Korea. These talks have been stalled for
several months, but represent a significant component for the
potential for peace in the region, as it would benefit all three
nations –South Korea being the world’s second largest natural
gas importer, Russia being one of the world’s largest exporter of
natural gas, and North Korea sitting right in the middle,
desperately in need of both the revenue and the jobs that this
would provide.  Now China would also most likely be involved,
because the relationship with North Korea would attract large
amounts of Chinese investments into the project.
Now, on top of this, Russia also reported yesterday that
they had just opened a rail connection last month between Khasan
in Russia’s southeast, and the port of Rajin in North Korea. This
connection represent a crucial portion of a possible rail
connection all the way down to South Korea, and when President
Putin met with South Korean President Park at the G20 in Moscow,
President Park told Putin, “I have personally dreamed of a
railway that starts at Busan, and reaches Europe via Russia.  It
is an important agenda item for my new government to strengthen
Eurasian cooperation.”
So could you say more about the significance of these
developments on the Korean Peninsula, from {your} perspective,
and the context of this in the general Pacific development
orientation which you’ve been elaborating on?

LAROUCHE:  We have two starring issues on this agenda.
First of all, the planet as a whole has been run down, under
these conditions, particularly since the… I would say,
immediately, the collapse of the D.D.R., where the German
government attempted to move in for an independent, reunited
Germany, the French President, through his representatives, and
also the British Queen — not the British Queen but British head
of government [Margaret Thatcher], and also, personally, George
H.W. Bush, moved, in Europe, to put Germany under the control of
a euro system.
Now Germany capitulated because the threat was war.  The
French government, in particular, threatened war against Germany,
if Germany would try to reunite the German nation.
So this began the process of the entire sweeping destruction
of the principal parts of Western and Central Europe.  This was
also aimed against Russia, they thought they could control that
thing a little more.
Now it has come to the point that the entire planet is in a
process of planetary breakdown.  There are areas of the planet
where there are still some modality of functioning.  But as of
now, the human species in total, is in danger, initially
economically, and related kinds of things,  these kinds of policy
considerations.  This is genocide, in that way.  But also, if
anyone tries to push these nations together in a conflict, which
is a thermonuclear conflict, you’re talking about a war in the
Pacific, or centered in the Pacific, which blows away in about an
hour and a half, wipes out the population of that area, and
continues to wipe out the population of the entire planet.
That’s what at stake!
And the madmen, the criminal madmen, such as the Queen of
England, and similar people, are guilty of this crime.  And
there’s no one, who can honestly present an argument that this is
{not} a crime, in light of what it means.  The very fact that the
Queen has specified a policy of {genocide}, and that the Dutch
have the same kind of policy, of {genocide}, and their
accomplices have the policy of {genocide}, so these people are
{beyond the reach of morality.}  They’re beyond the point that
they could be entrusted with any kind of authority, in any part
of the planet.
This element of government wherever it exists, must be
removed from government.  Because we have reached the point where
thermonuclear war is the typification of war, whether by a
smaller group of nations or a larger one, makes no difference,
the result of thermonuclear capabilities is extinction, if
they’re used.
Therefore, the very fact that the {intentions} of the Queen,
the intentions of the Dutch government under the present King,
and so forth, and some of the French who are complicit with this
thing, this is something which is a crime against humanity, in
the highest sense.  And, shall we say, most of these parties are
{Nuremberg criminals}, by virtue of precedent, and have to be
treated as such!
We have to, among other things, that have been put upon us
by these mis-presidents and things like that.  We have to restore
growth, real growth.  We have to increase the energy flux
density, available to each individual, to maintain their own
lives, of nations to live their own lives and their own people.
We’ve come to a point where, because the very existence of
thermonuclear warfare, is such that it’s implicitly totally
disturbing, that we have to therefore, come to a new view, of the
role of man and man’s nations, both on Earth itself and now,
implicitly, beyond Earth.  Mars will become, at sometime soon, if
we are allowed to do that, Mars will become really a colony of
Earth, not in any sense of colonization, but there is no form of
life known to us on Mars, or known to us in other planetary
systems nearby, which has human life on it, contingency on it,
unless somebody drops in for a visit.
And therefore we are at a point where we must reach a
conception of the management of the Solar System, working our way
out from a core of nations into the larger — we have to defend
these nations against all kinds of risks, asteroids and things of
that nature!  There are constant threats.
So therefore, we have to have a management, and we think
it’s only Earth; we think that Earth, excluding Jupiter and
Saturn and a few other things, there’s no likely place where
something like human life can be found, except on Earth, and
Mars, perhaps.  And who knows what we can do on these things.
So we’ve come to the point that mankind on Earth is going to
have to look around at its immediate neighbors, which means,
largely Mars, and it is means a lot of large asteroids, which can
be very useful to us, if we can get them under control.  So our
responsibility is, is to create the circumstances, in places lie
Mars and on some of these asteroids and so forth, where we can
create something which creates {safety} for human life on Earth,
and also helps to develop the interior of this Solar System, or a
certain part of the Solar System, in a way which leaves
suggestions there’s going to be a continuing future, through
progress, throughout the Solar System, at least for maybe the
next billion years or so.
And that should be our immediate objective, and we hope that
within a billion years we can get some other problems solved as
But we have to have that affirmative policy, that the human
species is unique to our knowledge, and it’s one of the most
precious things in the whole Solar System, as far as we know it.
Because only mankind has the noëtic capabilities of thought, to
be able to extend what we have on Earth, in terms of human
creativity.  We have no other knowledge, no knowledge of anything
like human; there is nothing on Mars, nothing {could be} on Mars,
which would do that.
And therefore, that’s what we have to do.  We have to say,
“Now, war is out!  You can no longer conduct war among nations,
because it leads to an automatic genocide.”  And therefore we
have to change our ways accordingly.  We have to come to a new
treaty, a new treaty which puts limits and control over the
British system, over the Dutch system, and other systems which
are violence-prone against other people.  We have to bring order.
Yes, nation-states we want!  But the development of nation state
is just as important as the existence of nation-states.
We have to take a {pro-humanity} policy, knowing that the
human species is unique in its capabilities of creativity, and
therefore, from our standpoint, the human species, as a creative
model, is sacred, in principle.  And we have to come now to that
accord.  Yes, we want the nations to be sovereign, why?  Because
then they have a culture, the sovereignty of the nation is part
of the culture, the culture is part of the ability of the nation
to function, to work under a system of law, and to work under a
system of cooperation, lawful cooperation among nations.  That is
precious to us.
The time has come, to make a {very important change:  Get
rid of the oligarchical system, remove it from this planet!}  Go
to sovereign nation-states, and their cooperation, and their
voluntary cooperation, above all.

MASON:  I have a question that’s come in from Benjamin
Deniston of the Basement [Scientific Research] Team, on this
particularly, on the asteroid program between the Department of
Energy here in the United States, and Rosatom in Russia.  I’ll
just read it as it is.
He says: “Lyn, there has been a flurry of interesting
activity, around the issue of asteroid defense and the possible
prospects for a Strategic Defense of Earth program. Now, while
not everything is totally clear yet, there is an interesting
proposal for closer United States-Russian cooperation on asteroid
defense, specifically involving cooperation among the nuclear
laboratories of both nations, and I think it would be critical to
get your thoughts on this.
“In September, at the International Atomic Energy Agency
meeting in Vienna, an agreement between the United States and
Russia was signed by the head of our Department of Energy and the
head of Russia’s nuclear agency, Rosatom.  The legal agreement
was titled, ‘Cooperation in Nuclear and Energy-Related Scientific
Research and Development.’  The agreement is broad, covering
fission and fusion power among other, excellent subjects.
“While the general attempt to open up closer cooperation
between the nuclear labs of our two nations is itself
significant, one of the possible areas of cooperation is the
defense of Earth from asteroids, something you have been
emphatically supporting in the recent years.
“Now, almost just as interesting as the agreement itself,
was how quickly this specific asteroid defense issue was attacked
in certain media outlets.  According to the media coverage, the
official 47-page agreement doesn’t explicitly mention asteroid
defense by name.  However, in a short Department of Energy
release on their website, they give very brief mention that one
of the areas of cooperation between the United States and Russian
nuclear labs, could be in defending Earth from asteroids.
Despite the little official public mention of the asteroid issue,
there have already been at least two, extensive slander pieces,
attempting to belittle the subject, spreading a lie claiming that
this is the fantasy of a bunch of Dr. Strangelove-like fanatics,
who just want an excuse to play with nuclear bombs.
“Now, of clinical significance, these slander pieces by the
Center for Public Integrity and foreignpolicy.com include attacks
on Dr. Teller for his work on asteroid defense, and even attacks
on the Strategic Defense Initiative by name.   All this is rather
silly.  In reality the nuclear issue is relatively simple and
it’s obvious.  It is a matter of energy flux density.  If you
have to deal with large objects, or if there is little warning
time, nuclear power is the nly thing that can do.
“Now, with this discussion going on in the background, I
would like to ask you about the bigger picture behind all of
this:  How can a Strategic Defense of Earth program define a new
framework for mankind?  Dr. Teller spoke of the Strategic Defense
Initiative as organizing nations around ‘the common aims of
mankind.’  And he later got into the asteroid issue with the same
intention:  to unite the United States and Russia, in
collaboration, in overcoming common challenges, common threats.
The fundamental issue behind all of this, seems to be the big
question:  What is the true nature of the human species?  What is
the mission for the human species in this universe?  And how can
we define relations among nations from that understanding?”

LAROUCHE:  Well, it’s a mouthful to get into, but it’s a
useful mouthful.  First of all, what is not discussed generally,
is what is the difference between the human mind, the human
personality and any other form of living process anywhere in the
universe, insofar as we know?  Insofar as we know.
Well, the point is, that the human being is the only known
species, of living species, which is capable of actual
creativity.  No other species is capable of creativity.  Now the
fact that some breeds, breed differently, and become different
kinds of species, as qualified, is irrelevant.  The point is, the
human species is not only the superior species,  known to us,
throughout the universe!  We don’t know of any living creature,
in the universe so far — there probably {are}, all over the
place! But we don’t know them!  We are limited to our knowledge
of the immediate Solar System, which gets shadier and shadier as
you go further and further from Earth, from the Sun.
So therefore, we have to say, “what is our best knowledge?
What is our best, certain knowledge?” And the best, certain
knowledge is that the increase of energy flux density through the
actions specific to the human species, is the only basis for the
continued existence of the human species.  We know, in all the
animal kingdoms, there is no species with any specific likeness,
in character, to the human species.  None.  No living animal
species has that capability.  It is unique to mankind.
Now, there are a lot of stupid people who don’t agree with
me, but that’s why they are stupid people.  They don’t realize
that, the point is our concern is, {loyalty to the human species}
and its promotion, its development, its security.  And what we
do, when we find different kinds of human species, or varieties
of human species, we’re concerned that these species do not
distract themselves from their true mission, by getting into wars
with each other, avoidable wars in particular.  That mankind has
{a mission, inherent in mankind, which very few people on this
planet today, really understand.}
What we had as an approximation of that understanding, was
certain religious beliefs, in the sacredness of humanity, of
human life.  We had religions which had that belief, and had a
practical understanding  of that belief.  And therefore, we said,
“among such people, there must be permanent peace.  There can be
differences, there can be arguments, but there has to be
cooperation.  There has to be perfect peace.”
Now, we’ve gone through wars, terrible wars, and terrible
kinds of genocide otherwise other the history of man.  We would
hope that mankind would suddenly realize what it is to be
mankind, what that means, what the human species means in the
universe: We don’t {know} of anything else, but mankind, {as
having these characteristics,} what we call “mind,” what we call
“creativity,”  what we call everything good about mankind.
And these guys, what the enemy of mankind, from the inside
of mankind, has always been what we call “the oligarchical
system.”  That what happens, is some people, like those who
conducted the genocide  — anyway — that this kind of genocide,
in that war, and other, similar kinds of wars, represented a kind
of barbarism which is beneath humanity.  Now, what happened is,
most of the national cultures of the world, came under the
control of cannibals or similar kinds of defective people, who
preyed upon each other, who lost all touch with the commonality
of interest of humanity.  The time has come that this must be
Now, what must be allowed, in such a situation,  — yes,
national sovereignty is a good, when it is practiced as a good —
differences in culture are tolerable and agreeable, if we can
learn to work together, that sort of thing.   But what we’re
doing now, what makes the President of the United States, the
current President, {evil}, is attachment to the Queen and to the
Dutch and to similar kinds of circles.  {That} can not be
tolerated!  That tendency toward genocide can not be tolerated.
The other fact here is that we know a little bit about Mars.
We’ve been able to peek at it occasionally, and we have some
other notions of these kinds of things.  But as far as we know,
mankind, as we know mankind on Earth, is the only species which
has the noëtic capabilities, otherwise known to be specifically
human.  The human species is, to the best of our knowledge, the
highest form of life existing in the universe.  We don’t know of
anything better; we don’t know of anything to match that.  And
therefore, our law, now that the point of warfare, in terms of
thermonuclear warfare is so destructive, {war can not be used any
more!}  Not as war!  Maybe other police measures may be necessary
— but not war!
So the challenge now, is that, at this point, at a crucial
point in history, in world history of mankind, we have to
eliminate —  that maintaining the idea of a sovereign
nation-state, that is a necessary right to protect and defend,
culture, the idea of living within a particular culture, within
the human species, that’s fine; that {has} to be protected.  But
the idea of use of warfare, for oligarchical purposes and
missions, must now come to an end, and come to an end with
whatever force is necessary to bring this about.

OGDEN:  Let me ask a final question:  On the topic of
bringing an end to the oligarchical system, let me say, first,
because you’ve referenced it so many times, on the question of
the Dutch, I mean, when you look at the origin of modern
genocide, you have to look at the Dutch.  You’ve repeatedly
pointed to the invasion of England by William of Orange, in 1688,
which was accompanied by his brutal wars on the continent against
France, which was accompanied by his extermination of the Irish
people, and also was accompanied by his crushing of the emerging
republic of Massachusetts Bay:  In 2002, the Dutch became the
first country since Hitler’s Germany to legalize euthanasia.
They passed a law called, “The Termination of Life on Request and
Assisted Suicide Act.”  And the bill set out conditions under
which doctors could legally kill people, or watch them commit
suicide, and permitted euthanasia, for anyone aged 12 or older!
Merely stipulating that parental approval was needed for those
between the ages of 12 and 16.  That bill was signed by Queen
Beatrix, and last year, the Dutch even began allowing for the
convenience of mobile vans to assist people who wanted to die in
their own homes.
We also know that just last month, the new Dutch King
delivered his first Throne Speech, in which he declared, the end
of the welfare state.  He stated that the so-called “classic
welfare state of the second half of the 20th century is now
over.”  In other words, time to turn back the clock to Hitler.
And henceforth, only a “participation society” was in effect, and
medical care for the chronically ill, which is required to
sustain life, was going to be cut, and all the national care that
was provided for the elderly and sick, must be devolved to the
local level, which clearly a policy to decrease the quality of
care and increase the death rate, rapidly.
This policy was now directly echoed by President Barack
Obama {yesterday}, in his speech to the country, in which he
stated that the next item on his agenda, was cuts to Social
Security and Medicare.  He said, it’s the long-term obligations
that we have around things like Medicare and Social Security that
have to be dealt with now.
Now, what I want to ask on this question, and what you said
on Alex Jones, yesterday, gets right to the point:  That Obama is
nothing but a tool, for this Anglo-Dutch genocide machine.  What
we saw over the course of this government shutdown was that Obama
was directly conspiring with Wall Street, to block
Glass-Steagall, and to insert a policy of bail-in and austerity.
This week, we took out an unprecedented ad in {The Hill} — page
13 of the most widely read daily on Capitol Hill, called, “We
Stopped Obama’s Unconstitutional War in Syria, Now Stop Obama’s
Wall Street War on the United States.  Pass Glass-Steagall Now!”
And this  was signed by over 40 elected officials, labor leaders,
community activists, radio show hosts and others, many of whom I
assume may be watching this broadcast tonight.
So, in light of that, I would lie you to address what you’ve
addressed tonight:  the oligarchical principal, stretching
{thousands} of years, to the siege of Troy, manifested in modern
times by the Anglo-Dutch empire, William of Orange, and now,
contained in the tool of this Anglo-Dutch genocide machine, being
Obama and Wall Street.
How do you see the roll of Glass-Steagall {and} the
impeachment of Obama immediately, in bringing an end once and for
all, to this oligarchical system?

LAROUCHE: Well, first of all, I think it probably is a
provable principle.  I know it’s provable in my terms of
understanding, but I think it should be a universally accepted
principle, that what Obama represents is, {he’s a personality not
fit for any level of government}, especially in national
governments.  The very fact that his policy, and the mentality he
expresses, shows him as unfit to have been President, or any
other comparably significant rank of legislator, or lawmaker; or
any judge, for example, who would have his policies, should be
thrown out of office, for just those reasons!
And what we’re looking at, is we’re looking at a phenomenon
of evil, it can only be called {true evil}.  The other name for
it is oligarchism, in which, for a  purely arbitrary selection of
authority, is imposed upon a people to make life and death
choices, through policy or personally chosen action — that must
be really outlawed.
It means that many aspects of many governments are polluted,
with the same sort of thing.  Obviously, the ruling biological
groups in Europe, were murderers, they’re criminals!  Most of the
ancestors of the Europeans were criminals on this basis!  Crimes
against humanity!  The oligarchical system!  The idea of Roman
Emperors, anything like that, because it was a system of
brutality!  Knighthood was a system of brutality!  The rights of
people, of human beings as human beings were not recognized as
that.  As a matter of fact, we were all deprived by the
degradation of human beings, in {any} part of the world, the
degradation of human beings through cannibalism, etc., etc.,
these things are crimes against humanity which must be stopped,
without any equivocation.
But the problem is, the history of Europe, in particular,
and this comes up with the case of Nicholas of Cusa, who
recognized before his death, he recognized that it was
impossible, on the basis of his knowledge of history, to produce
a successful representation of human conditions under the present
European cultures.  And therefore, he prescribed to his
associates, and on behalf of the world as a whole, he said, we
must get out of this system!  This system of Europe can not fit
human need, it does not provide human justice.  Therefore, he
proposed, that his associates must organize a campaign to go
across the great waters that divided continents, and to establish
a new kind of republic which would fit what he understood as
Christian standards of behavior and development.
He died before he had a chance to see that result, but the
result produced by the followers of Cusa, who presented the case
to a mariner, a great sea captain of that period, already,
Christopher Columbus.  And Christopher Columbus organized, under
the flag of Cusa, really, what became the crossing of the
Atlantic.  Not just the crossing of the Atlantic, that was being
done otherwise under Cusa’s influence during that period.  But
the one thing about Columbus’s sentiment was, its purpose.  It
was not a purpose for exploration, or exploitation, but to create
a new nation, {free from the evils of Europe} and other nations!
And everything we have, in the United States, has to be traced,
exactly {to that.}
The Massachusetts Bay Colony was a realization of that; then
it was crushed by the Dutch.  Then we got it back, in poorer form
than we received it, because you saw some of our Presidents
weren’t it came to performance.
So the point is, we, by our understanding of the origin of
our nation, and the debt to Nicholas of Cusa, in making our
nation {possible}, gives us a moral requirement of performance,
which we think that any sane people on this planet, would wish to
share in.  So we must create a new kind of governmental system, a
system of sovereign governments, which has a sense of what
sovereignty should mean, as our own Constitution, with all its
imperfections attached to it, and we must achieve that
understanding.  We must achieve also, one thing that all these
governments fail to recognize:  {human creativity.}  They talk
about being nice to animals, human animals!  Not nice in the
sense of developing the powers of reason, the powers of
creativity of the human individual!  But simply imposing upon
them, “reasonable”  supervision.
And the time has come, we’ve got to go back to becoming, in
the United States, we’ve got to become {a} United States {again},
with no more Obamas or anything like him, anywhere in it, and no
more Bushes!  And we don’t want to go into the question of

OGDEN:  Well, on that note, I think we’ve reached the
appropriate place to bring a conclusion to our broadcast.  I’d
like to thank you for joining us tonight:  Thank you, Lyn. Thank
you, Dennis.  And please stay tuned, because next week is going
to be a very important week.  Thank you for watching and good

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