October 18th, 2013 LaRouche Webcast: Q6 – Anglo-Dutch Genocide

Although many have already watched the webcast, the last q and a are so crucial to breaking world events that we decided to post the video segment and transcript of this q & a again.  The question, in summary form, is:

Obama is nothing but a tool for the Anglo-Dutch genocide machine. Obama was directly conspiring with (Britain’s) Wall St. to block Glass-Steagall, and implement economic genocide.

Can you address the oligarchical principle, stretching back 1000s of years, now expressed in the tool of the Anglo-Dutch genocide machine Obama?

Watch this video segment here

And following is the full transcript of the sixth question and answer from the October 18th 2013 webcast:
OGDEN:  Let me ask a final question:  On the topic of
bringing an end to the oligarchical system, let me say, first,
because you’ve referenced it so many times, on the question of
the Dutch, I mean, when you look at the origin of modern
genocide, you have to look at the Dutch.  You’ve repeatedly
pointed to the invasion of England by William of Orange, in 1688,
which was accompanied by his brutal wars on the continent against
France, which was accompanied by his extermination of the Irish
people, and also was accompanied by his crushing of the emerging
republic of Massachusetts Bay:  In 2002, the Dutch became the
first country since Hitler’s Germany to legalize euthanasia.
They passed a law called, “The Termination of Life on Request and
Assisted Suicide Act.”  And the bill set out conditions under
which doctors could legally kill people, or watch them commit
suicide, and permitted euthanasia, for anyone aged 12 or older!
Merely stipulating that parental approval was needed for those
between the ages of 12 and 16.  That bill was signed by Queen
Beatrix, and last year, the Dutch even began allowing for the
convenience of mobile vans to assist people who wanted to die in
their own homes.
We also know that just last month, the new Dutch King
delivered his first Throne Speech, in which he declared, the end
of the welfare state.  He stated that the so-called “classic
welfare state of the second half of the 20th century is now
over.”  In other words, time to turn back the clock to Hitler.
And henceforth, only a “participation society” was in effect, and
medical care for the chronically ill, which is required to
sustain life, was going to be cut, and all the national care that
was provided for the elderly and sick, must be devolved to the
local level, which clearly a policy to decrease the quality of
care and increase the death rate, rapidly.
This policy was now directly echoed by President Barack
Obama {yesterday}, in his speech to the country, in which he
stated that the next item on his agenda, was cuts to Social
Security and Medicare.  He said, it’s the long-term obligations
that we have around things like Medicare and Social Security that
have to be dealt with now.
Now, what I want to ask on this question, and what you said
on Alex Jones, yesterday, gets right to the point:  That Obama is
nothing but a tool, for this Anglo-Dutch genocide machine.  What
we saw over the course of this government shutdown was that Obama
was directly conspiring with Wall Street, to block
Glass-Steagall, and to insert a policy of bail-in and austerity.
This week, we took out an unprecedented ad in {The Hill} — page
13 of the most widely read daily on Capitol Hill, called, “We
Stopped Obama’s Unconstitutional War in Syria, Now Stop Obama’s
Wall Street War on the United States.  Pass Glass-Steagall Now!”
And this  was signed by over 40 elected officials, labor leaders,
community activists, radio show hosts and others, many of whom I
assume may be watching this broadcast tonight.
So, in light of that, I would lie you to address what you’ve
addressed tonight:  the oligarchical principal, stretching
{thousands} of years, to the siege of Troy, manifested in modern
times by the Anglo-Dutch empire, William of Orange, and now,
contained in the tool of this Anglo-Dutch genocide machine, being
Obama and Wall Street.
How do you see the roll of Glass-Steagall {and} the
impeachment of Obama immediately, in bringing an end once and for
all, to this oligarchical system?

LAROUCHE: Well, first of all, I think it probably is a
provable principle.  I know it’s provable in my terms of
understanding, but I think it should be a universally accepted
principle, that what Obama represents is, {he’s a personality not
fit for any level of government}, especially in national
governments.  The very fact that his policy, and the mentality he
expresses, shows him as unfit to have been President, or any
other comparably significant rank of legislator, or lawmaker; or
any judge, for example, who would have his policies, should be
thrown out of office, for just those reasons!
And what we’re looking at, is we’re looking at a phenomenon
of evil, it can only be called {true evil}.  The other name for
it is oligarchism, in which, for a  purely arbitrary selection of
authority, is imposed upon a people to make life and death
choices, through policy or personally chosen action — that must
be really outlawed.
It means that many aspects of many governments are polluted,
with the same sort of thing.  Obviously, the ruling biological
groups in Europe, were murderers, they’re criminals!  Most of the
ancestors of the Europeans were criminals on this basis!  Crimes
against humanity!  The oligarchical system!  The idea of Roman
Emperors, anything like that, because it was a system of
brutality!  Knighthood was a system of brutality!  The rights of
people, of human beings as human beings were not recognized as
that.  As a matter of fact, we were all deprived by the
degradation of human beings, in {any} part of the world, the
degradation of human beings through cannibalism, etc., etc.,
these things are crimes against humanity which must be stopped,
without any equivocation.
But the problem is, the history of Europe, in particular,
and this comes up with the case of Nicholas of Cusa, who
recognized before his death, he recognized that it was
impossible, on the basis of his knowledge of history, to produce
a successful representation of human conditions under the present
European cultures.  And therefore, he prescribed to his
associates, and on behalf of the world as a whole, he said, we
must get out of this system!  This system of Europe can not fit
human need, it does not provide human justice.  Therefore, he
proposed, that his associates must organize a campaign to go
across the great waters that divided continents, and to establish
a new kind of republic which would fit what he understood as
Christian standards of behavior and development.
He died before he had a chance to see that result, but the
result produced by the followers of Cusa, who presented the case
to a mariner, a great sea captain of that period, already,
Christopher Columbus.  And Christopher Columbus organized, under
the flag of Cusa, really, what became the crossing of the
Atlantic.  Not just the crossing of the Atlantic, that was being
done otherwise under Cusa’s influence during that period.  But
the one thing about Columbus’s sentiment was, its purpose.  It
was not a purpose for exploration, or exploitation, but to create
a new nation, {free from the evils of Europe} and other nations!
And everything we have, in the United States, has to be traced,
exactly {to that.}
The Massachusetts Bay Colony was a realization of that; then
it was crushed by the Dutch.  Then we got it back, in poorer form
than we received it, because you saw some of our Presidents
weren’t it came to performance.
So the point is, we, by our understanding of the origin of
our nation, and the debt to Nicholas of Cusa, in making our
nation {possible}, gives us a moral requirement of performance,
which we think that any sane people on this planet, would wish to
share in.  So we must create a new kind of governmental system, a
system of sovereign governments, which has a sense of what
sovereignty should mean, as our own Constitution, with all its
imperfections attached to it, and we must achieve that
understanding.  We must achieve also, one thing that all these
governments fail to recognize:  {human creativity.}  They talk
about being nice to animals, human animals!  Not nice in the
sense of developing the powers of reason, the powers of
creativity of the human individual!  But simply imposing upon
them, “reasonable”  supervision.
And the time has come, we’ve got to go back to becoming, in
the United States, we’ve got to become {a} United States {again},
with no more Obamas or anything like him, anywhere in it, and no
more Bushes!  And we don’t want to go into the question of

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