Fire Obama. Repeal Obama Care. Irish and American action needed.

We should have one fist across two continents. Irish patients, doctors and nurses affected by the miserable medical budget cuts should send their testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee e mail listed below with a cc to the Dail and your own TDs. Obama should be fired and Kenny and his whole crew of rotten ministers should be heaved out along with him.

Fire Obama! Repeal the ACA! Issue Orders to Congress; House Ways
& Means Committee Oct. 29 Hearing ‘Requests’ Public Input

Oct. 25 (LPAC) There is now an uproar of demand–stoked in the
media–that heads must roll, over the dysfunction fo the online
insurance marketplace; and that Obama should fire the heads of
DHS (Department of Health and Human Services) and CMS (Center
for Medicare and Medicaid Services). Yes, CMS Administrator
Marilyn Tavenner and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius deseve to be
dumped, then prosecuted, for far more than the farce of the

But what’s urgently required on Capitol Hill is: Fire
Obama! Start the impeachment proceedings now. The whole Obamacare
operation is a deadly mess, even if the IT had worked perfectly
as of Oct. 1. This is the marching order to Congress, along with
swift passage of the Glass-Steagall reinstatement legislation,
now awaiting action in both chambers; and to totally repeal the
Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act of 2010.

– Send Orders to the House Ways & Means Committee –

There is a handy opportunity to fire your message into
Capitol Hill. You can send a statement to the House Ways & Means
Committee, for their hearing Tuesday, Oct. 29, for the record.
The hearing will have as sole witness CMS Administrator Tavenner;
but the Committee is inviting statements from the public. The
topic is, the “implementation of the Accountable Care Act.”

Send your submission to the Committee website, set up for

The Committee leadership itself is taking the moral
low-ground, by intending to put merely rhetorical, sniping
questions to Tavenner, instead of identifying the killer-nature
of Obamacare, and moving to repeal it, and initiate Obama’s
impeachment. For example, Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI)
issued a sniveling comment Oct.22, “After spending over $600
million, the American people want answers to some very basic
quesitons about the launch of ObamaCare. Why doesn’t the website
work? Why were the American People told everything would be
ready, when it was not the case…” etc.

In reality, the American people want Obamacare cancelled. It
is cutting payments to hospitals, to physicians, to home health
care, to patient treatments, and much more, in the false name of
“reform,” by applying “cost effective” criteria, on how to save
money by cutting support for the old–Medicare, and the
poor–Medicaid. The model for Obamacare is the October, 1939
directive by Hitler, who specified that physicians at nursing
institutions had to designate patients not “rehabilitatable,” so
that those persons could be put to death, to save resources for
the state. This policy–called “T-4” (after its street address in
Berlin)–went on to the final phase of mass death in the

Administrator Tavenner is presiding over all types of cuts
to Medicare and Medicaid, known to be endangering lives, and to
be destroying hospitals and vital parts of the entire care
delivery system of the nation–physicians, nurses and other
health professions, clinics, public health agencies, nursing
homes, home health systems, etc.

Marilyn Tavenner was confirmed as CMS head this Spring,
after she served as acting administrator when the infamous Sir
Donald Berwick left office, when his Obama recess-appointment ended.
Tavenner’s Senate confirmation hearing was held up for weeks by
Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), because she had diverted money intended
for public health (in the Prevention and Public Health Fund), to
instead go into setting up the insurance exchanges, which failed
spectacularly anyway.

Tavenner is well qualified to function as a bureaucrat for
imposing “cost-effective” T-4 cuts, She was a top executive at
HCA Holdings, Inc. (2004 to 2011), the biggest for-profit
hospital chain in the U.S., which was used as a wrecking ball
during the post 1973 HMO-era, to demolish not-for-profit,
community hospitals, by buying them up, selectively shutting
them down, and also bilking Medicare and Medicaid along the way.
HCA has a string of fines, plea bargains and dirty arrangements
with Federal authorities over Medicare and Medicaid.

Of course, many nominal anti-Obamacare ideologues voted up
Tavenner, because she is for for-profit, “free market” care! HCA
owned 162 for-profit hospitals in 2012, with a revenue of $33

On Oct. 30, HHS Secretary Sebelius goes before the House
Ways & Means Committee.

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