Cameron Goes Ballistic At European Efforts To Rein In NSA-GCHQ Spying

Oct. 26 (LPAC)–British Prime Minister David Cameron went off the
deep end, yesterday, when confronted by other European leaders
about the combined U.S.-British spying on the rest of the world.
Cameron, speaking at the EU summit in Brussels claimed that
newspapers–no doubt an only slightly veiled reference to the
{Guardian}–that publish state secrets are giving comfort to
terrorists that wish to “blow up” British families. He ranted
that there are people in the world “who want to do us harm,” and
that the mass spying is necessary to keep all of us safe. “What
Snowden is doing and to an extent what the newspapers are doing
in helping him is frankly signaling to people who mean to do us
harm, how to evade and avoid intelligence and surveillance and
other techniques,” he said. “That is not going to make our world
safer. It’s going to make our world more dangerous.”
        Cameron was, nonetheless, forced to sign the EU statement
referencing “the deep concerns that these events have raised
among European citizens.” That concern “applies to relations
between European countries as well as relations with the U.S.A.,”
the document says. “A lack of trust could prejudice the necessary
cooperation in the field of intelligence gathering.” Britain’s
{Daily Telegraph} usefully notes that the reference to relations
between the European countries was said, by EU diplomats, to be a
criticism of Britain and GCHQ’s widespread spying in Europe.
        Meanwhile, the {Guardian} reported, yesterday that leaked
memos reveal the depth of GCHQ’s anxiety about efforts supported
by all three political parties to make intercept evidence
admissible in court, and their effort to defeat those proposals,
by enlisting, among others, Lord Carlile, the former intelligence
services commissioner, who issued a blast at the {Guardian}
earlier this week. In short, GCHQ wanted to avoid a “damaging
public debate” about the scale of GCHQ’s spying activities, a
debate that could lead to legal challenges to the program.

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