Historic LaRouche-Gallagher Dialogue at Sare Town Meeting, “To Close the Door on a Fifty-Year Dark Age”

Historic LaRouche-Gallagher Dialogue at Sare Town Meeting,
“To Close the Door on a Fifty-Year Dark Age”

Oct. 28 (LPAC) — The Diane Sare for Governor campaign organized
an historic Town Meeting, Saturday, Oct. 26, in Edison, New
Jersey. The groundbreaking element of the meeting was a
presentation by former Rep. Cornelius (Neil) Gallagher, with
Lyndon LaRouche (via Google chat), listening and then engaging in
a short, poignant, but important dialogue. LaRouche then
conducted a powerful dialogue with the 100 supporters and
organizers in attendance.  The Gallagher-LaRouche presentations
and dialogue can be found on the the YouTube
video available at

The meeting began with a choral performance of “God Save Us
All,” a new composition by Bill Ferguson (set to {America}, (My
Country ‘Tis of Thee)), which begins, “Christie’s Obama’s Twin.”
And another Ferguson composition–“Dump Obama,” (set to the
Handel “Hallelujah” Chorus).
Diane Sare, just endorsed by “Tea Party Advocate” and,
implicitly, FDR-JFK Democrat Neil Gallagher, nevertheless
emphasized that her campaign is not about an election, but about
creating a new paradigm for civilization. She stressed that
optimism is not sense-perceptual but “makes heavy burdens light,”
attacked the Bush family legacy, including Christie, and
emphasized the power of truthful leadership to give people
courage. “This meeting is one of a series of gatherings to close
the door on a 50-year Dark Age, to resume the actual business of
the U.S.A.” Her running-mate Bruce Todd, discussed the importance
of the space program under JFK, in rallying the nation then, and
now, to the ideas of the American Revolution.
Insofar as Rep. Gallagher could not attend the meeting in
person, we showed the concluding portion of the LaRouche PAC
video, “Profile in Courage: Rep. Gallagher” –totally
gripping–and then got him on by phone,  and joined by Lyn via
Google Chat. Gallagher was effusive in his praise of the
“courageous statesman, “wellspring of hope” LaRouche, whom he’s
“long admired.”
“America owes a great debt of gratitude to you, Lyn, always
in the forefront of what the nation needs against this imperial
government.”  He took up a powerful polemic against the “great
armies of informants…70 secret police agencies…the Federal
law enforcement agencies who’ve modified the behavior of our
officials. They live in fear.” Are we a FLEA-bitten nation?”
“What is our exit strategy in this war on terror? We create
crises, new enemies to spy upon…in 120 countries.”
He said the chilling effects of J. Edgar Hoover then, whom
JFK and LBJ failed to remove, is multiplied 10,000 times now, by
the agencies of the Secret Government. He praised the actions of
NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden at the anti-NSA rally earlier
that day, and LaRouche’s associates: “Few can understand what
we’re fighting, unless you go up against this Secret Government,
as you have.”
Lyn responded: “We have a special kind of affinity with what
we’ve gone through, as well as our ages. We can hope to see a
proper conclusion to what we’ve experienced.” Neil: “We need a
real beginning to such a conclusion, restoring the real spirit of
America.” Lyn: “We have to create the future….we’re in position
to do this…we have to get Obama out, which is a likely
prospect…we have to prevent thermonuclear war.” Gallagher
agreed with the last point, but said on Obama–“I’m not sure any
President has control over anything, given the control by the
agencies.” Lyn cited Snowden, as an agent of the real U.S.: “We
are warriors…our mission does not end with our lives…give
every bit of juice…we can win.” Neil: “I fully agree, let us
work together…stay alive and healthy.” Lyn: “I shall do that.”
They agreed that they should meet in person soon.
Lyn then began a very brief presentation with the good news
of the Basement research into the potential for a fusion economy
in all its implications. What ensued was an hour-long dialogue
with questions from organizers, a young social-media new
supporter, a 93-year-old war veteran describing his meeting with
de Gaulle, NYC teachers, an Egyptian-American activist, and other
activists from the tri-state area.
The character of the dialogue was a most optimistic picture
of our power to overcome the pessimism and cowardice holding back
recruitment and Glass-Steagall. “People have lost confidence in
themselves…the key holding them back is cowardice. We must make
breaks for them to convince them–abandon cowardice, rejoice in
victory.” “You have one life to live, use it to the best purpose.
Don’t worry about the outcome…What you do for humanity after
you’re dead gives you the commitment to fight.” In response to
questions on removing Obama and Glass-Steagall, “I don’t think
the situation is so desperate…I’m not afraid of dealing with
the Wall Street banks…I’m lusting to do so.”
Asked if he were on Facebook, Lyn quipped, :”No, but my face
is all over the place.” (The transcript of the 70 minutes of
dialogue between Lyn and Neil Gallagher, and then Lyn with the
Sare campaign supporters will be available this week: stay
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