Danish Friends of Schiller Institute Campaign Is Off and Running on Glass-Steagall

Seven candidates representing The Friends of the Schiller Institute (SIVE) are running in the municipal elections in the two major cities, Copenhagen and Aarhus, led by Tom Gillesberg, the chairman of the Schiller Institute in Denmark. The election is on Nov. 19. The campaign has placed posters all around their respective districts, with the slogan, “Glass-Steagall, Not EU Fascism; The Bank Union Will Take Your Money and Your Life” (Their new election website can be seen: www.sive.dk)

The posters present the danger as well as the solutions. Beside the candidate’s portrait are pictures of the Glass-Steagall bank-separation icon, a maglev train across the Kattegat, and “Fusion Power — Yes, Thanks,” to help present to voters the three-point program, necessary for the survival of Denmark, Europe, and the world.

On Oct. 25, some 500 posters were put up in Copenhagen, and 300 in Aarhus.

The latest of their famous election posters is already gaining national media coverage. National TV2 prominently showed one of the posters from Aarhus on Friday night, Oct. 25, when all the parties put up their posters. Tuesday, October 29th, Tom Gillesberg called into a major national radio call-in show on the subject of election posters. And the Copenhagen tabloid Ekstra Bladet included SIVE in their article about the 10 “funniest” slates, by stating, “With the slogan about a maglev across the Kattegat after the financial crash, The Schiller Institute’s leading candidate Tom Gillesberg attracted great attention during the last [sic — 2007] parliamentary election. This time, the motto has the same hard-hitting manner: ‘Glass-Steagall not EU-fascism — the Bank Union Will Take Your Money and Your Life.'”

In Aarhus, candidate Janus Kramer’s poster was again in the media today, appearing in the print and Internet versions of Jyllands-Posten, Denmark’s largest paper.

The campaigns 40,000-run campaign-special newspaper was printed yesterday, which included Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s July 27 webcast, detailing the threat of fascist austerity measures, with the examples of Greece, Cyprus, and Detroit; as well as major articles presenting their three-point program, including original articles and adaptations from the LaRouche PAC recovery program.

Their campaign statement in English can be viewed here.

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