When Heroes Dialogue: LaRouche and Gallagher Address Sare Town Hall

– Lyndon LaRouche and Former U.S. Rep. Neil Gallagher –

– Jointly Address Sare Campaign Town Hall –

The following is the dialogue between Lyndon LaRouche, via Skype video, and former U.S. Rep. Cornelius (Neil) Gallagher via phone, at the Town Hall Meeting of the Diane Sare for Governor campaign on Saturday, Oct. 26. Preceding their dialogue, an excerpt of the LaRouche PAC video feature on Gallagher was shown to those in attendance. Following their dialogue, LaRouche spoke very briefly to the meeting and fielded questions for another hour. The transcript is unproofed.

The video of the event is posted to YouTube, here; Below is the address of the portion with Neil Gallagher and Lyndon LaRouche.

ELLIOT GREENSPAN: Neil are you on?


GREENSPAN: You’ll recall, Neil, when Margaret and I visited you in September, Margaret promised you two standing ovations: So here’s the first. [applause]

GALLAGHER: That was very kind of her, thank you. Thank you very much. I wish I was standing there to see you all and say hello, and thank you….

GREENSPAN: I’ve encouraged everyone to see the entire video Profile in Courage: Congressman Cornelius Gallagher. We just saw the last few minutes. I just want to take from Lyn, directly; Lyn saw that video September 15, and a day or two later, Lyn said the following in a meeting with Diane and the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee.

He said, “I’ll refer to the case of our friend [former Congressman Neil] Gallagher, who is a year my senior, whom we’ve interviewed again, afresh, and this really helped to close the picture, of the history of the United States from the time of the death of Franklin Roosevelt, until the present time. And justice was never done on behalf of Mr. Gallagher, even though he was a servant of the nation in various capacities in the course of his lifetime. And it’s my pleasure to emphasize the honor that he deserves, and the justice he also deserves. …

“And so, we find ourselves now, when the United States, it’s in actually the greatest danger it’s ever been, since the Union was established, that this case comes up, injustice to a man who was a great servant of the United States in two capacities at least, and now, we’re dealing with a number on the other side, of skunks … political skunks…” like the Saudis, the forces behind 9/11 and so on.

And Lyn goes on: “They’re making a big mistake: See they’ve forgotten things. Now, we know, from the Gallagher case, for example, the history of the Gallagher case, how the fraud was run against him, and we realize, as he pointed out, which is the fact, that the problem was that the Congress was full of people, some of whom had been honest people, but under the pressure of certain forces inside the U.S. government, they would lie against their friends, and apologize to their friends for lying, which was what happened to Gallagher.

“So, this kind of thing, the time has come, to pull the rug out from under this nonsense — why? Because the situation of the people of the United States, is such now, that most people out there have nothing, nothing! which will keep them from saying, ‘I want no more of this thing.’ This time, they will not walk out. This time, they will not turn against their own friends. Because they’re out there, they’re convinced that this government under this command, is not willing to do anything, except let them die, the people out there!”

I said at the outset that Diane had this wonderful endorsement from the Tea Party. When Diane and I talked to Neil recently, he said, “Diane, you’re the best damned candidate there is!”

In any case, we have Neil on the hookup, and I think Lyn is on… [applause] So, Neil, I think with that introduction, why don’t you go ahead?

GALLAGHER: Okay. Well, certainly Elliot, it’s a great pleasure to speak with you and with your group whom I’ve long admired. And what I said about Diane, I repeat: She’s a great candidate.

I’m very pleased, and I want to thank Lyndon LaRouche for his kind words about my career. It’s especially meaningful coming from such a young man, much more my junior than I am. Though most of the people who are senior to me, don’t seem to be answering their cell phones, since most of them are under grass these days. So, Lyn I want to thank you very, very much. So I wish you good health and continued success.

LYNDON LAROUCHE: Well, I’m honored to have a chance to speak to you, even by this mechanism, as opposed to a more direct contact.

GALLAGHER: Well, we’ll do that soon. I certainly want to compliment you, Lyn, and your great associates like Elliot, and Michael, and Jeff Steinberg, and the people who have been associated with your efforts down through the years. And like yourself, you’ve led a fight for a better America, certainly for such a long time! And under the [inaudible 40:16] that few Americans can understand, unless they go up against, such as Mike [Billington] went under. And it’s against the Secret Government, really, a government within a government that is now — I don’t know, part of the great secret as to who really runs America!

America owes a great debt of gratitude, I think, to you Lyn, which whether we fully agree with all you said or not, you have been a courageous statesman, who has always been in the forefront of what was needed in America at a time when few people were paying attention to what really has been happening to our government. You’ve given a wellspring of hope to people in our country and around the world, as our government goes on its merry way, an imperial way, questioning the very essence of freedom and privacy.

So, before I say anything, I certainly want to say thank you for your efforts down through the years, that I have admired and people like Elliot, who’s kept me abreast of it, in the great work that you and your associates have done. So, to talk this way — I wish we were in person, but one of these days, we certainly will.

LAROUCHE: Well, that’s a very nice idea!

GALLAGHER: And Diane, I want to wish Diane the best of luck in her campaign. She certainly is an outstanding person who has shown intelligence and concern, and that’s been a rare commodity in public life today! She’s a kind and serious person with an empathy for people, that is sorely, sorely lacking in today’s politics. She’s kind, and I wish her well, and I wish her future success, that I’m sure that she will have. She brings great credit to American politics today.

I don’t know, really, Elliot where to start and where to end, but if I could take a few minutes, I think most of the things that are going on today, what’s going on in Washington, which the continuing efforts of Lyn’s group, and that, privacy, you know it’s one of those things that people put up a bumper sticker on once in a while — like “Support Our Troops,” in the meantime, nobody knows what our troops are doing or why they’re doing it, except all we know is people are getting killed over there. The recognition they get is a bumper stick or a free seat at the Yankees once in while.

So that’s not enough. And I think privacy is an all-encompassing word that includes not only our private lives and intrudes on it, but our relationship to society, our friends and neighbors, and all of our government and its relationships, to our ability to be in a school, or getting a job, our health and our dying. And the great armies of informers, with probably in an afterlife of government intrusion into our descendants. It’s a scary, scary time.

And the largest scare, we had the NSA, and related secret police agencies; in one study, there were some time last year when I read it, there were over 70 secret police agencies! Everybody has a police agency in its department, spying on the other. And who are the victims? The American public.

Then you have the former NSA directors, and thousands of them, and their junior spooks, thousands of them working for various high-powered consultancy firms, or [fix-it?] organization. And making a buck up there, they’re all informers.

Privacy, it’s a buzz word for much that is going on that can not be explained in a few words. I think privacy has become a commodity, that has been monetized! Monetized for profit and power, for careers and pensions, and consultancies, and selling of secrets for profits. Spies — sorry what you want to show: For instance, Snowden, everybody’s pillorizing now, and Snowden’s one of the few people in the intelligence world, that is not in it for buck, as so many thousands of other former spooks are involved in the information racket, which is what, really, it has become!

I don’t know — we see our values, our freedom, our liberty constantly challenged by great technologies that are not empowering the American citizen, but are empowering the Federal law enforcement agencies that sometimes behave, and sometimes they don’t! But what it is, it’s modifying the behavior, of not only the American people, but the American elected officials. Everybody likes acronyms, well, Federal law enforcement agencies spells out the “F Leas”: Are we a FLEA-bitten nation that is spreading unrest not only here in America, but around the world, where we have military or intelligence presence in over 120 countries. What the hell is the purpose? To create new crisis, so that new enemies can be spied upon and spend more money in the intelligence complex in America?

One of the things that troubles me — and Elliot you can shut me up any time you want — one of the things that troubles me is, I remember General Powell saying that what you need before you go into a war is an exit strategy. What is the exit strategy for the war on terror? It surely can not be fleets of drones killing Arabs, Muslims ad infinitum! And yet, you see no attempt at all as to try and get at some of the root cause of the unrest in the world. Or, are we causing the unrest, for our own needs of expanding the American empire?

At such times, no one will undergo the indignities of flying today, until each there’s another indignity imposed — who would want to fly? Will people get arrested for carrying an American currency, like the young black man in Barney’s store in New York, the other day? Or how to answer a suspicion, when a person will say, “Well, you’re under suspicion because why do whisper in your own house? If you whisper, you must have something to hide!” That’s the mentality of our law enforcement in our secret society today.

I don’t know, the American people has itself become a commodity, dissected, analyzed, compartmentalized by the vast intelligence-industrial complex of selling new tools, not to enhance the quality of our lives, but to chop away at our civil liberties.

And where are our elected official in Washington? I say, from my own experience, they live in fear, fear of the information that some agency may have if you vote against that agency, all of a sudden, the rumors start. And rumors go into print in the media. There are no libel laws in America! You can say whatever you want about anything.

I think most people down in Congress are well-meaning. They’re go down there because they’re patriotic — not all, but I think, generally speaking, people would like to do what’s best for their country. But, if you have a whole nest of government workers listening in on them, creating a new scenario to chip away their freedom to legislate, [inaudible 50:45] privacy and freedom, what are they elected to protect? They live in fear!

I was already in the Congress, I recall speaking to President Kennedy and President Johnson about this guy Hoover, because it was a cancer in the Congress! Not only in the legislation I was involved in, but anything that came up in the Judiciary Committee and the Appropriations Subcommittee on appropriations for the Justice Department. I remember asking Kennedy, “Why don’t you fire this guy? He’s a terrible man!” They all hated him! And he said, “Well, we’re going to get him in the second term, we couldn’t do it in the first term.” Well, there was no second term. I always thought the hand of that guy was involved in there not being a second term.

I even spoke to President Johnson, who I became quite friendly with; and I said, “Why do we keep this guy intimidating everybody in Washington?” And I’ll never forget his answer was, “Well, it’s better to have him in the tent, urinating out, than being out the tent, urinating on the tent!” This was the mentality of the chilling effect of Hoover’s information and his crowd.

Now, multiply that by a thousand, ten thousand, of the kind of information that so many agencies now have on every single individual in America. And reaching out around the world. We are prisoners of our Social Security number, every human transaction is now collated into some government file — for what? What is the purpose? How long shall it go?

And, I’ll bet you’re asking, “how long is this guy gonna go?” Well, I’m going to stop. But I remain concerned, that the more we talk about democracy around the world, the less and less democracy and its benefits are existing for the American public, because of the penetrating effect of information in the government hands, of which the people have nothing to say about, and little to say about what is happening in Washington, and the elected officials remain intimidated.

That’s why I think these meetings such as you’re having, the meetings in Washington, at least might create a climate of concern. When I was in Washington and started this Privacy Committee, I knew I wasn’t going to get too far with it. But I tried to create a climate of concern. I got, among other things, it was a college debate issue, at one time. People in college started to talk about it — and that was shut up.

And it seems to me that we oughta start thinking a little bit, about how we can bring the disparate elements of the world to some sort of an understanding, maybe a little like the convention in Nicaea back in the Fourth Century. They brought 2,000 bishops together, and they hammered out the Apostle’s Creed, bringing everybody’s beliefs. We find out what the real gripes are of people around the world, and try to find a solution. Hell! We got through the Cold War, without blowin’ up the world! And we ought to be able to do something like that now.

But is there a will in Washington? I don’t know. Is the will to use these crises to intimidate the American public, and each crisis turns another notch of the screw? Will the NSA continue to grow by manufacturing crises, so that people are intimidated and say, “Well, we’re saving the world with the war on terror.” Where does the war on terror end? Does anybody even consider, other than blowing people up around the world, and at the same time justifying those crises to chip away, more and more, at our civil liberties?

Elliot, I’m sorry I took so long. [applause, laughter]

GREENSPAN: Neil, you just got your second standing ovation, and this one was also for Lyn.

GALLAGHER: Ha-ha!! Great! Great! I appreciate that. And Lyn, I’m sorry imposing on your time, but I just wanted to be part of your meeting. And it’s an honor to be on the same program with you and your friends.

LAROUCHE: We have a certain, special kind of affinity, because of what we’ve gone through, as well as our relative ages.

GALLAGHER: [laughs] That’s right! But we’re still going, Lyn!

LAROUCHE: We’re now in a position that we might hope that we might live to see the proper conclusion to these episodes we’ve been going through all these years.

GALLAGHER: Yes, I hope so. You know, Lyn, I hope we see the proper conclusion. But it would be nice to see a real beginning towards some conclusion that might save what we all thought was the true spirit of America.

LAROUCHE: Well, my view is rather elementary: I believe that we have to create the future, whether we are able to live through it, or not.

GALLAGHER: Yes, I agree with that.

LAROUCHE: That’s the genius of mankind, to be able to do that. I think we are in a position, where it becomes possible, and it depends upon the mobilization of people around us, whether it’s possible to push this into an end, to get the Obama administration out of office. Because I believe at this point, that were Obama to be removed from office, now, and that’s a likely prospect — not a certainty, but a likely prospect — if he’s dumped from office, which would be the blessed thing to happen at this point, then we would have an opportunity, as mankind had never had before, for a long time, to get back our nation, and to get back the kind of world which will be, because of various considerations; like war has got to come to an end. Because the means of warfare, which are thermonuclear in their nature, are such that the first one who starts that kind of war, is going to kill everyone.

GALLAGHER: Yes! I agree with that.

LAROUCHE: Therefore, we must dedicate ourselves to those means made available to us, to provide the kind of stimulus of leadership, inside the United States and around the world. We see that happening. We see it in Russia, we see it various other nations, in China, we see a mobilization of nations to try to resist this thing that’s coming out of this Anglo-Dutch nonsense, which we’re fighting against today.

GALLAGHER: Right, right.

LAROUCHE: And the idea, we have a known enemy, we know who the enemy is. We know the enemy has to be defeated: It’s the old Anglo-Dutch swindle, that’s been the pestilence of mankind for a long time.

GALLAGHER: Yes, to that.

LAROUCHE: I think the time has come, though I wouldn’t recommend pessimism…

GALLAGHER: No, I’m not pessimistic. I still have hope that the people will get a hold of it.

LAROUCHE: I think we can win, but I think it takes every bit of juice in us, to add enough force to ensure that we win.

GALLAGHER: Yes, I agree with that. You know, just one thing I would say, as far as President Obama: I’m not sure that any President has any control over anything any more, that we have got now in the hands of the various agencies who control the information. But, I don’t know — I think this is something we really got to take a look at, who really runs this country.

LAROUCHE: [crosstalk] is hiding in Moscow, or in Moscow’s vicinity, who was formerly an agent of an agency of the United States, and in spirit, is still a committed agent of the United States, of the real United States, not the Obama United States.

And therefore, we are warriors, we are warriors, and we live and we die: But our mission in life does not end with our life.

GALLAGHER: Yes! I agree with that.

LAROUCHE: We must not dedicate ourselves to that result.

GALLAGHER: I fully agree with you on that, Lyn. And let us work together, and hope that we see the thing through. And listen: Stay alive, and stay healthy!

LAROUCHE: Well, I shall do that. To the best of my ability. [applause]

GALLAGHER: Okay, thank you very much.

LAROUCHE: Thank you.

GREENSPAN: Okay, Neil. Thank you

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